MLB The Show 21: How to complete 3rd Inning Dave Parker Player Program

Slugging Dave Parker is the next Player Program in MLBTS.

Screenshot from San Diego Studios

On June 11, San Diego Studios released a new Player Program for the 3rd Inning, with a 90 OVR player item of Juan Marichal and 35,000 XP set as completion rewards. One week later, SDS unveiled a second 3rd Inning-themed Player Program, with this one featuring former Pirates and Reds slugger Dave Parker. Much like with the Marichal program, MLB The Show 21 players can get 35,000 XP towards the 3rd Inning Program for adding Parker to your collection, and here’s how you can do that.

To complete the Dave Parker Player Program, you will need to obtain 50 Points. To get to the 50 Point mark in the cleanest path, you should try to do the following:

  • Complete the six Moments in the Player Program folder (42 Points)
  • Defeat Cincinnati in CPU play on All-Star difficulty (8 Points) or complete one of the two online Missions (10 Points each)

Parker can be obtained strictly through offline play, so if you can’t hit three dingers with Reds players or get five extra base hits in online play, another path is available. Along the way, you will also receive:

  • 1500 Stubs
  • 3 MLB The Show 21 Packs

Once you complete the Parker program, you can then acquire 35,000 XP towards the 3rd Inning Program, plus an additional 1,000 Stubs. To get the extra XP, go to the 3rd Inning page on the Programs tab and select Collections. Find the Parker tab, select the card, and then Advance.