MLB The Show 21: How to complete Diamond Huston Street Player Program

Former A’s closer Huston Street has returned to The Show.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The 1st Inning Program is rounding second base, and with it drawing closer and closer, Sony San Diego has added another opportunity to make progress. On April 27, a second 1st Inning-specific Player Program went live, with an 87 OVR card of former Athletics and Padres closer Huston Street being the prize. So, how can you get this card in Diamond Dynasty? Let’s go over what you need to do.

To get started, go to the Programs tab at Diamond Dynasty, and then select Player Programs. Click on the Huston Street section, and then you can get started on the program.

50 Points are needed in order to unlock Street. In order to get 50, you can do the following:

  • Complete all six Moments – This will give you 42 points
  • Defeat San Diego in Play vs. CPU on All-Star Difficulty – This will give you eight points

There are other missions that can be completed in order to acquire Street. However, this is arguably the cleanest method, since no online play is required.

Much like the Eric Davis Player Program, this card can give MLB The Show players 35,000 free XP and can be used towards the 1st Inning Program. To get the 35,000 XP, go to the 1st Inning Program screen, and select Collections. Then, scroll down to the Huston Street collection, and then input the card into it.