MLB The Show 21 Team Affinity: Season 3 – How it works, rewards, and more

Here’s your guide for Season 3.

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Season 3 of MLB The Show 21 Team Affinity officially went live on July 12, the eve of the 2021 MLB All-Star Game. This program has an All-Star theme to it, as every player in this program was selected to participate in this year’s All-Star Game. So, what do you need to do for this Season? Let’s go over how the programs work, how to make progress, and the rewards for each program.

How it works

Season 3 works a lot like Seasons 1 & 2 did. MLB The Show players will need to accumulate TA points in order to make progress in the program. You can acquire TA points through the Season 3 Showdown, Moments, Collections, and Missions.


This is how the program rewards break down for each division:

  • 5 Points – Uniform Choice Pack
  • 10 Points – Team Affinity Packs (x2)
  • 15 Points – Uniform Choice Pack (x2)
  • 20 Points – Space 1 Choice Pack
  • 25 Points – Uniform Choice Pack (x2)
  • 30 Points – Division Boss Choice Pack
  • 35 Points – Division Live Series Pack (x2)
  • 40 Points – Team Affinity Packs (x4)
  • 45 Points – Space 2 Choice Pack
  • 50 Points – Division Boss Choice Pack
  • 55 Points – Team Affinity Packs (x5)
  • 60 Points – Ballin’ is a Habit Pack
  • 65 Points – Headliners Pack (Set depends on division)
  • 70 Points – Division Boss Choice Pack
  • 75 Points – Headliners Pack (Set depends on division)
  • 80 Points – Space 3 Choice Pack
  • 85 Points – Division Boss Choice Pack
  • 90 Points – Team Affinity Packs (x5)
  • 95 Points – Ballin’ is a Habit Pack
  • 100 Points – Division Boss Choice Pack

Who are the bosses?

As stated earlier, the bosses for this Season are all MLB All-Stars. Each team has one boss, and you can find the whole list of Season 3 bosses here.

Most of the bosses are in the 95-98 OVR range, while Mets ace Jacob deGrom is the lone 99 OVR card.

How to approach Season 3

You’ll need 100 TA points to complete each division. You should start with the Legend & Flashback Collection for each division. You’ll need 30 cards from each division in order to complete the six collections (180 in total), but that will give you 10 TA points off the bat. Then, complete the five Missions for each division to add on an additional 20 points to each division.

At this point, it’s really up to you as to how you want to process. Showdown vouchers give four TA points each, so grinding the Season 3 Showdown is a plausible path.

Additionally, you can also complete repeatable Missions by using players from those divisions in both online and offline play. You can also add the bosses you acquire to your lineups, and complete player-specific Missions in order to acquire more TA points. Make sure to check the Missions in order to see what you need to do with each player.

Unfortunately, there are no Conquests for Season 3, so this season will be a bit tougher to complete. Still, it’s still completely doable, but it will most likely take more time.

Are Seasons 1 & 2 still accessible?

Yes, Seasons 1 & 2 are still accessible. You will still be able to make progress towards Season 1, as well as Season 2. And in fact, you will most likely make progress towards the other two seasons while grinding towards awards for Season 3.