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The 10 most expensive helicopters in GTA Online, and how much they cost

Fly in style.

Some of the most fun you can have in Grand Theft Auto Online takes place in the sky. Getting to normally out-of-reach spots and going skydiving is an activity that never really loses its thrill as many times as you do it. While there are spots in Los Santos you can go to steal a helicopter for free, it is nice to have your own that you can go to whenever you want. Here are the ten most expensive helicopters you can buy in GTA Online and how much they will cost you.

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The most expensive helicopters in Grand Theft Auto Online

Swift Deluxe

  • $5,150,000

The Swift Deluxe is easily the most expensive helicopter in GTA Online, exceeding five million dollars, and that price largely comes down to it being made of solid gold. Additionally, anyone who sits in the back seat can sip on some champagne, making some statement about how they are better than everyone else on the server.

FH-1 Hunter

  • $4,123,000

The FH-1 Hunter is a killing machine. If you are looking for an offensive assault, this is a great pick for you. It comes equipped with heat-seeking missiles and is one of the fastest helicopters in the game.

Annihilator Stealth

  • $3,870,000

The Annihilator Stealth is used in the finale for The Humane Labs Raid. It has machine guns, but you can disable them and put them in stealth mode, which will remove you from any nearby radars other players are using. This can be very helpful in ensuring your survival against unruly players on your server.


  • $3,704,050

Like the Annihilator, the Akula also has a stealth mode that can remove you from other players’ radars. This is an attack helicopter, though, so it comes equipped with machine guns that you can use to light up others who make the foolish mistake of existing in your presence.

SuperVolito Carbon

  • $3,330,000

The SuperVolito Carbon is a fast-flying helicopter that can quickly get around the map. Backseat passengers can also sip on champagne like the Swift Deluxe and can access the internet within a computer if they don’t feel like pulling up their phone.


  • $2,850,000

The Valkyrie is a 1960s military-inspired helicopter that looks like it was pulled straight out of M*A*S*H. If you have any friends riding with you, they can operate the two side-mounted galling guns to eliminate any threats on your flanks.


  • $2,450,000

The Conada is a transport helicopter that is small, pretty quick, and easy to handle. The most notable thing about this vehicle is it does not have a tail rotor, making that an area you don’t need to worry about bumping when in a crowded area.


  • $2,300,900

The Havok is the smallest helicopter in GTA Online, seating only the pilot. If you want to make it an offensive weapon, you can upgrade it with a minigun, but the most standout thing about this helicopter is its small size.


  • $2,295,000

The Volatus is meant to be a luxury vehicle for transporting services. It is pretty quick, although susceptible to damage. Passengers can sip champagne and access the internet while riding along.



The SuperVolito is the basic form of the Carbon version mentioned above in this list. If you don’t care about the carbon markings that much, this is a fine replacement for a bit of a cheaper price.

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