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The 10 most expensive planes in GTA Online, and how much they cost

Fly in style.

GTA Online has a huge collection of planes for players to use when exploring the wondrous skyline of Los Santos. All of them look and handle differently which makes them great collector items. They are also a sign of high status in the city of Los Santos. Possessing a plane or two is a must if you want to be taken seriously. And in GTA Online, the more expensive the thing is, the better. With that in mind, we take a look at the ten most expensive planes in the game and how much they cost.

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1. Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $10,000,000

The Luxor Deluxe is the most expensive plane in GTA Online and it’s fair to understand why. The solid gold-plated design and majestic look make it extremely desirable. Performance-wise it is a bit better than the standard Luxor, especially in the braking sector. Other than that, the Luxor Deluxe is more of a novelty piece than anything.

2. JoBuilt P-996 Lazer

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $6,500,000

The P-996 Lazer is a great fighter jet if you want to wreak havoc across Los Santos and show off a gem in your collection at the same time. It has a wicked design with dual cannons and guided missiles fitted to end those who are causing you problems. As it’s a fighter jet, it has great maneuverability and is extremely responsive in steering. The latter might be a problem if you are not experienced enough so keep it in mind before buying this beast.

3. RM-10 Bombushka

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $5,918,500

Trade Price: $4,450,000

The Bombushka is a mammoth plane and a great one to have at your disposal. This plane possesses a bulky fuselage and a distinct nose. While it lacks in terms of performance, it has JATO thrusters which can be used for a quick take-off. Additionally, it has a Dual MG, Cannon, and four bomb options to completely decimate ground targets.

4. Mammoth Tula

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $5,173,700

Trade Price: $3,890,000

The Tula is an amazing plane that has a lot of unique features. It’s the only amphibious plane to have a VTOL mode and as such, is definitely amazing in maneuverability and handling. It is also very responsive to steering input and should be handled with care especially when landing in water. In terms of its weapon arsenal, the Tula has a dual MG, front and rear-mounted MGs, a Minigun, and four bomb options as well.

5. V-65 Molotok

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $4,788,000

Trade Price: $3,600,000

For a plane with an all-around performance, the Molotok is surely the best choice. While it certainly lacks the acceleration and handling that other fighter planes and jets have, it makes up for it with its braking and top speed. The Molotok is also very easy to handle and is a great starter plane for players looking to get into more advanced planes. Its weapons arsenal consists of a machine gun and homing missiles.

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6. Buckingham Pyro

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $4,455,500

Trade Price: $3,350,000

If you are looking for a vehicle that is extremely quick, has superb maneuverability, and can make other players mad with grief, the Pyro is the perfect option. Its triangular-looking design makes it extremely capable of avoiding missiles and homing launchers. It has one of the best, if not the best, top speeds in the game and is an intimidating aircraft to use in dogfights high above the skyline.

7. RO-86 Alkonost

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $4,350,000

Trade Price: $3,262,500

The Alkonost is a strategic bomber plane that has a daunting look to it. The exterior of this plane has a modern vibe even though it is a few decades old in-game. It generally is difficult to control and maneuver due to its huge size and takes a lot of space to land. That doesn’t take away from the fact that its automatic stealth mode is extremely useful in hiding from enemy radars though. On top of that, it has better acceleration than planes like the Bombushka.

8. Mammoth Hydra

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $3,990,000

Trade Price: $3,00,000

Before the Lazer, there was the Hydra. It was first available in the iconic GTA San Andreas and is also available in GTA Online too. It is better than the Lazer in almost every way mainly in maneuverability, handling, speed, and of course, price. When in horizontal flight mode, the Hydra has the highest top speed for any kind of vehicle in the game. Additionally, its VTOL mode is extremely useful in landing and perfectly picking out targets on the ground. The Hydra can also take more damage compared to other planes.

9. B-11 Strikeforce

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $3,800,000

For a budget fighter plane with overall great performance and design, the Strikeforce ticks all the boxes. It has great maneuverability and handling and is a treat to use in dogfights, especially against planes like the Pyro or Molotok. The Strikeforce is also the most durable plane in the game as it can withstand up to five homing missiles before being destroyed. In addition to that, it has an explosive MG as its primary weapon that is a treat to use.

10. Volatol

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $3,724,000

Trade Price: $2,800,000

The Volatol is a big, wide plane that players will enjoy cruising around Los Santos. The plane itself is not as useful in dogfights as it is very vulnerable due to its wide body. That said, its acceptable top speed and acceleration can quickly help it escape such situations. When you’re feeling fiesty, there’s always a Dual MG and four bomb options to choose from.

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