How time and stamina works in Harvestella

Keep your stomach filled and your watch wound tight.

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The fantasy-laden life-simulator Harvestella has players contending with multiple factors at once, stretching the game far beyond a rote farming slice-of-life title. While the primary physical currency in the game is called grilla, there are two more important currencies that players will have to contend with every moment they are in-game. Both stamina and time are limited resources that players will need to manage wisely, making them a unique type of currency. Here’s how they work in Harvestella.

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Time is money

Players can do as they see fit every day until midnight. If they are within Bird’s Eye Brae at midnight, they are moved automatically into the home where the clock disappears. Outside of the Brae counts as falling unconscious. Multiple actions within Harvestella take time, whether it’s repairing a bridge or crafting items. Occasionally, players will come across unique areas within vistas, or dungeons, that give them the opportunity to trade time for a chance to find an item.

The main story quest will not continue unless the player is there to push it forwards. If someone is in dire straits, players can comfortably ignore it to focus on crops or fishing until they’re ready to tackle the content. This is important to note, as the game likes pushing the time-constrained narrative while players can take it a bit slower. This being said, time is money. With only a specific amount of time allotted per day until a player must rest, scouring locations can become a race to find the next Motus to teleport home.

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Time progresses in-game on a 1:10 scale, meaning that every 60 seconds counts as a single hour in-game. This means that there are 18 minutes to complete everything for that specific day, and that time constraint becomes realized fully when fighting monsters. A standard pack of three enemies will typically take roughly a full minute to complete, and there are multiple enemy groups between Motus nodes. Plan ahead, and don’t neglect the farm while you’re at it.

Stamina in Harvestella

Players have a limited amount of stamina, which is regenerated every day after sleeping. This stamina can be recovered only by eating foodstuffs and consumables from the backpack, or by resting. If recovering stamina via food, players should note the fullness icon to the right of the stamina bar — if the fullness level is above zero, players will begin slowly regenerating stamina at the cost of fullness. This conversion takes time.

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It’s vital, prior to entering a location, to ensure you have enough stamina or food to push through to the next Motus. If your stamina bar has emptied, players will be unable to harvest or attack until it has refilled. You don’t want to be running in circles around a boss while stuffing raw flour into your mouth, waiting for your stamina to begin regenerating while the boss is throwing purple lasers in your general direction.