My Hero Ultra Rumble: All Current Characters, Ranked

My Hero Ultra Rumble tiers are a bit out of balance.

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My Hero Ultra Rumble is a relatively new game by Bandai, featuring numerous characters from My Hero Academia duking it out in the USJ center. Being a battle royale game that just came out, we all know that this is not the final roster nor the final way they’ll all turn out after inevitable buffs and debuffs. As the game stands now, we only have a fraction of the characters likely to be added, with big names like Aizawa and Endeavor nowhere to be seen.

It’s a little disappointing that we get side characters like Cementoss instead of main ones like Sero, but as the game gets more updates, we’ll add more characters and ways to play. And while there might only be one stage now, there are plenty of characters to choose from and fight against in-game for now. In this tier list, we’ll rank who’s top rank to play as in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

S Tier

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The topmost S Tier is reserved for characters that have all three: mobility, attack power, and range. Within ranks, we’ll be listing each character from highest to lowest based on their capabilities in-game. These characters are undeniably good, having robust mobility and the most range in the game.

Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo gets the top spot because of his special ability, allowing him to rocket twice in any direction. His grenades are great lobbing shots that you can use as a combo off of his rocket jump, his Howitzer Impact being another great combo option if you want to rain explosions from above. All of that in combination with his AP Shot that can strike at a distance, makes him the most long-reaching, far-flying character in the game.

Izuku Midoryia

Izuku is top tier for many of the same reasons as Bakugo, having a long-reaching shooting attack that makes him almost play as if this is a third-person shooter. While he doesn’t have the same mobility as Bakugo, it’s pretty close, with his kick and Blackwhip giving him impressive range for both reaching and vertical movement. While he doesn’t have as much base attack power, being a defense type, his moveset is good enough to land him in S-tier without much worry.

Tsui Asui

Tsui Asui is a viable fighter who deserves the S-tier spot, all because of her froggy abilities. While her tongue attack would be better off as a physical one instead of being treated like a projectile, it can be used for navigation and attack when it lands. Her invisibility is also a save during combat, giving players a decent chance at running away and regrouping if a fight becomes too much. Her speed is impressive too, making her an all-around snappy fighter that has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto is a great fighter because of his range and relative mobility. While he may not have the air time potential that Bakugo does, his frontal assault capabilities with his ice and fire are incredibly defensive. Being able to freeze enemies with an attack is a blessing during confrontations, and the forward movement that he uses to skate along his own ice is a great way to either charge in or keep yourself out of harm’s way.

A Tier

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This next group is A Tier, meaning they’re capable fighters, but are just one buff away from the great S Tier. If any of these fighters were to get a boost, they might actually run into the problem of becoming broken. When in the right hands, these can work incredibly well on a team.

All Might

You’d think All Might would be top-tier, but that’s not the case. The only thin line that stands between All Might and S Tier is his lack of a long-distance attack. Otherwise, he has the power and the mobility to stand with the best of them, his long-distance jump and tornado attack being disruptive and far-reaching enough to get the job done.

Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida is the fastest character in the roster, which securely places him in A Tier without question. His recipro burst makes him even faster, which means that no matter how far you run, if an Iida spots you and wants to chase you, he will eventually catch you. His mobility is limited, only being great on the ground. In the air he only has a few ways to propel himself forward, but hardly needs the air time when he can simply run straight up walls. His attacks are simple and straightforward, making him an excellent character to start with at the beginning if you need someone easy to control.

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Shigaraki is an A Tier simply because his attacks are a little lopsided. While he does great damage at base, only when his attacks are almost fully upgraded do they become any kind of devastating threat. Shigaraki is great for stalling opponents, making the floor even a detriment to enemies. Crowd control suits Shigaraki, but that damage difference is what makes Shiggy mains need to work a little extra hard to get to where most S Tier characters rest.


Dabi has high damage, which places him in A Tier. In a good team, any Dabi can excel, and it mostly comes down to who’s controlling him as to whether he’s good or not. His mobility is mostly where he suffers, and his projectile attacks are homing and slow. This homing attack nature, while it’s his weakness, becomes his strength as well. In a fight with multiple hostiles present, Dabi does excellent cleanup, having the AOE attacks and projectiles to hold his own and maintain decent crowd control while he does so.


Ochako’s only true weakness is a lack of offensive power. Otherwise, she’s fantastic at navigating due to her Float ability. Her projectiles are weaker than the likes of Bakugo and Deku, but still have decent range to keep enemies at bay. Her assault attacks are hard to avoid, being slower and harder hitting than much of the other cast. If you understand how to use Ochako and don’t pick fights out of your depth, she can easily be a useful character, and cute to boot.

B Tier

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The B Tier characters aren’t bad, but require a significantly higher amount of effort and work to operate efficiently. Brute force tactics that may work as an All Might or Bakugo main simply won’t fly with anyone B Tier or lower. However, if you can get in the groove of these characters, they can be top-tier for taking down unsuspecting Dekus and Bakugos, since they counter range and speed quite nicely.


Cementoss is a shame to put in B Tier since there are so many good Cementoss players out there. With his ability to create walls, Cementoss plays an entirely different game than anyone else aside from perhaps Denki, requiring area awareness and an understanding of how his ability works to excel. He may not have the same range as other characters, but his ability to box people into tight situations makes Cementoss a force not to be trifled with.

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Momo, or Creati, is a good character if used quickly and efficiently. While she does have a certain amount of range thanks to her canons, and defenses due to her shields, her upwards mobility is limited. Her cannons do a great deal of damage, which means if you have the foresight to place a cannon or a shield at the right time, you can tumble with the best of them thanks to some good practice.

Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady is a great fighter for a multitude of reasons, and if only her greatest strengths weren’t her greatest weaknesses, she’d be S Tier easily. The reality of Mt. Lady is that her growth quirk only works in select situations. Once she grows large, she becomes a massive target for everyone within range. During isolated fights, this can work well and dominate the fight. In situations where there are third parties present, however, this backfires horribly. Other than that, a buff to her range and mobility would be nice, possibly enough to secure her an upper tier without much trouble.

Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress is a fighter that takes a huge deal of practice and foresight to master. With his Sleight of Hand attack, he can deflect enemy shots back at opponents, meaning that you’ll need good timing to overcome obstacles that have more attack power than you do. If you need to run away, Mr. Compress is good at this, with a Magician’s CHoice ability that can both damage enemies and help make for a quick getaway. The only issue with Compress is his lack of purely offensive abilities, which is why a buff would be very useful for the ones he already has.


Denki is a character that relies on the environment he’s in, hopefully consisting of mostly his own electricity. Understanding the field around you and using your Electro-Target can help make the battlefield yours. So while Denki may not have the best mobility in the crew, he can gain more by reducing the enemies’. Indiscriminate Shock is a tad of a letdown, since the aftermath is a short-circuit debuff that lasts an unfortunate amount of time. To play as Denki means to practice understanding his attacks, especially with how they can become useful during quick interactions.


Toga may not have the brute force to make it into A Tier, but she stays solidly within B Tier due to her ability to transform into other characters on the fly. The only issue is that you must strike them with your syringes before you can make use of the ability, and since teams often come in threes, there might not be any point to transforming into a character to trick enemies. However, if a Toga sucks the blood of a Froppy or other versatile mobile character, she can take advantage of those skills as her own. Playing as Toga means you need to know when is the right and wrong time to go in for some blood, and who’s to choose for the best effect. Playing her without practice and trying to rush in as if you have the power of All Might at your fingers is a recipe for disaster with Toga.

C Tier

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This is the bottom tier, some characters that could use a boost in ability. However, don’t assume that these characters are helpless. If played with the right hands, these characters can make for great allies. And since there is no Solo queue in MHUR right now, that means teamwork is the focus of the game. Having someone who understands these characters’ abilities can make for a great teammate, so don’t underestimate anyone!


In addition to having more HP than the other players, Kirishima also has the ability to reduce damage and stagger for a limited time. His Red Burst can be a great combo move when coming down from up in the air, and with his Full Armor skill, he can be at the center of the fight taking hits more effectively than anyone else. His complete lack of range and mobility is his weakest point, something that he can make up with pure skill on part of the player.

Ibara Shiozaki

You may be tempted to place Ibara in the non-attacking center of support, but she is not entirely defenseless. Her attacks are great at close range, and her ability to revive with Faith’s Shield is a godsend when used properly. A buff that would help Ibara rise in the ranks would be some kind of mobility boost with her vines, or perhaps a way to fire those vines even further.


Kendo is a character that could do with any kind of ranged attack to help her out. However, just because she can’t volley fire at others doesn’t make her a bad character to play, it just means you need to adjust your strategy to use her properly. Her blocking attacks can help mitigate damage against long-range folk, and her ability to throw others is valuable, especially if you have a Kirishima on hand.