NBA 2K22: How to speed up MyPlayer badge progression

Make it snappy.

Grinding to achieve the maximum amount of badge upgrades can frustrating, as well as time-consuming. It’s not supposed to be easy in NBA 2K22, but thanks to The City, it actually has gotten a lot easier since last year. How so? Let’s go over how The City, plus MyCareer and other features, can help get you some nice progress towards maxing out badges.

Get your games in

Make sure to go through your MyPlayer games. Progress gained in game is directly tied to your performance. For example, scoring more in the paint will boost your Finishing badge progress and unlock new points. Mid-range and threes will do the same in the Shooting category.

As long as you play well, you should be able to fill up your progress in no time at all.

Practice, practice, practice

Even though you might be tempted to, you shouldn’t skip the Team Practice sessions that show up before each and every game. Drills can be a great way to fill up your progress, especially if you choose the hard ones. Some of the hard challenges include three-point practices, which are perfect for beefing up Shooting badges.

Also, don’t sleep on playing in Chris Brickley’s gym. These CPU games will grant you some nice badge progress, plus help you get you towards a very important perk.

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Play in The City and The Neighborhood

We should note that playing games in The City or The Neighborhood, whether they are pick-up 1v1 or traditional 3v3 games, will grant badge progress. You should, however, have at least some progress already completed prior to heading out into the open-world. These games can be intense, and since in a lot of them, you will face players in the 80s and 90s, having completed some progress will at least ensure that the contests will be competitive.