NBA 2K23: How to earn Takeover Donovan Mitchell in MyTeam

Take about firepower at the 2.

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On launch day, 2K released the first Takeover card in NBA 2K23, featuring former Laker Lamar Odom. Now, a new Takeover card is out, and it features the fresh face in Cleveland: Donovan Mitchell. MyTeam players can now grind toward a 93 OVR Takeover Donovan Mitchell card, but this will be a time-limited challenge. So, what do you need to do to get Mitchell on your team? Let’s take a look.

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How to get Takeover Donovan Mitchell in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

In order to get the Takeover Donovan Mitchell in MyTeam, players must complete five separate Agendas. These Agendas include cumulative objectives that need to be completed with either Mitchell, shooting guards, or any players in general.

Here’s a look at the five Agendas, plus the rewards for each:

  • Get 134 steals over multiple games (reward is Moments Trophy Case Pack)
  • Score 232 points with Jazz players over multiple games (reward is Historic Trophy Case Pack)
  • Make 47 dunks with shooting guards (SGs) over multiple games (reward is Historic Trophy Case Pack)
  • Make 129 3-pointers with Cavaliers players over multiple games (reward is Current Jersey East Option Pack)
  • Get seven double-doubles with NBA Series 1 Donovan Mitchell over multiple games (reward is Current Trophy Case Pack)

This challenge will take a bit of grinding since it does require scoring with Jazz and Cavaliers, as well as accumulating rebounds, assists, and steals. Triple Threat and Clutch Time are decent options for modes to get the first four done, especially if you are still working toward unlocking Takeover Lamar Odom. If you are still grinding Domination, make sure to get Mitchell in the lineup and use the new Cav in a full game. That should help with the double-double achievement.

It’s also worth noting that you can pick up the 93 OVR Mitchell outside of the Agendas via board spins. Though, these are totally random, meaning you could luck out and get him after your first game or never even see him. This challenge will expire on September 20.