NBA 2K23: How to get 94 OVR Takeover Steve Kerr in MyTeam

The 1997 Three-Point Contest champ gets a card.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On February 21, 2K Sports dropped yet another All-Star Takeover challenge into NBA 2K23. While the real-life All-Star weekend might be over, MyTeam is continuing the celebration with a 94 OVR version of Steve Kerr, celebrating his big win at the 1997 Three-Point contest. Let’s take a look at how to add this new version of Kerr to your collection.

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All Takeover Steve Kerr Agendas

In order to complete the Takeover Steve Kerr challenge in MyTeam, you’ll need to complete four different Agendas. Much like the Agenda groups for players like Obi Toppin and Daequan Cook, you’ll be able to complete these in both online and offline play.

Here are all four Agendas and their rewards:

  • Make 22 3-pointers with Bulls players over multiple games (Reward is Sharpshooter Award pack)
  • Score 24 points with a PG in a game (Reward is Shoe Award Pack)
  • Make 1 4-pointer in a Clutch Time Offline or Clutch Time Online game (Reward is Badge Award Pack)
  • Apply 5 badges to players (Reward is Shoe Award Pack)

Like with other Moments and Takeover challenges that dropped in the past, our advice is to work within the single-player game modes, particularly Challenges and Domination, for the stat-base objectives. This will allow you to rack up stats, without having to deal with the “sweats” in online play.

Fortunately, these Agendas mostly play with each other, meaning you can complete the first three with just a single Bulls PG. If you’re just starting the game, we’d recommend looking at getting Galactic Conqueror Kirk Hinrich. That free card will take some work in challenges, but he’ll definitely make this an easy Agenda group. Otherwise, you might look at All-Star Showcase Craig Hodges for a relatively cheap option.

Once you finish the four challenges, you’ll unlock the 94 OVR Takeover Steve Kerr. Remember, this is one of the cards needed to eventually finish the Russell Westbrook All-Star event, so get it completed if you want that card. This card will leave MyTeam Agendas on February 27.