NBA 2K23 The City and MyPlayer: Season 5 rewards – All levels, items, and more

Rack up awesome rewards as Season 5 of NBA 2K23 heats up the City.

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As the NBA moves past the All-Star break, we enter Season 5 of NBA 2K23. As with every new season, there is a gaggle of brand-new cosmetic items and bonuses to earn while playing in The City on newer consoles or the G.O.A.T Boat on older systems. We will break down every reward you can earn yourself over the next six weeks.

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All NBA 2K23 The City: Season 5 rewards

You’ll get a nice Tee Shirt the second you log in, but the Pocket Bike is the real reward. It might not be as cool as the drones from Season 4, but this pass is well worth working your way through. Here’s the full list.

1Season 5 Tee Shirt
2Season 5 Ball
3Season 5 Ball Trail
4New Shot meter
5Geometric Player indicator
6MyTEAM Globe Prize Ball
74 NBA Team Green Releases
8Season 5 Emote Pack #1
930 Minute Double XP Coin
10Season 5 Hawaiian Shirt
11Darius Garland Banner & NBA 2K19 Banner
12Sword Player Indicator
13Season 5 Emote Pack #2
14Boosted Arm Sleeve
1530 Minute Double XP Coin
16Kyrie Irving & Damian Lillard Banners
17MyTEAM Sharpshooter Pack
181 Hour Double XP Coin
19Season 5 Emote Pack #3
20Season 5 Cargo Shorts
21Season 5 Hairstyle
22John Stockton & Kawhi Lenard Banners
23MyTEAM: Flight School Pack
24Boosted Arm Sleeve (+1 Interior Defense)
25Dash2K Speed Boosting Shoes
261 Hour Double XP Coin
27Season 5 Emote Pack #4
28Boosted Arm Sleeve (+1 Ball Handling)
29Kobe/Shaq & Brandon Ingram Banners
30Animating Racing Suit
31Gatorade Boosts (15 Games)
32Jimmy Butler & Amar’e Stoudemire Banners
33Season 5 Emote Pack #5
34MyTEAM: Diamond Glitched Tyler Herro
35Nike Ja Morant 1 Shoe
362 Hour Double XP Coin
37Racing Helmet
38Season 5 Suit
39Extra Badge Point
40Turbo Powered Pocket Bike

Remember that Double XP coins will expire at the end of this season, so make sure you use them up. You have until April 7 to claim these rewards. Don’t forget that MyTEAM has an entire reward track as well.