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NBA 2K23 MyTeam consumables sell for astronomical amounts on marketplace as banned players return

More signs of shady action in NBA 2K23?

Almost two weeks ago, a number of NBA 2K23 players were locked out of MyTeam for a breach of terms of service. Those individuals were allegedly banned on a temporary basis because they bought virtual currency from vendors outside of 2K. Many of those MyTeam players are now starting to filter back into the mode after their original 10-day bans have subsided, and it’s led to some wild transactions on the marketplace.

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In a Reddit post on the r/MyTeam subreddit, one user noted on an Xbox console that a Silver consumable sold on the MyTeam marketplace for almost 10 million MT Coins. Since Silver badges and shoe boosts are very easy to obtain on the market — usually for only a couple of hundred MT at most — this is a sign of even more shady action.

We’ve done some digging on the marketplace ourselves, and we can confirm that the 10M total has now been surpassed by a shoe boost that has sold for nearly 11M MT Coins. This is as of 4 PM ET on February 10.

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This comes just a week after the NBA 2K team did a mass ban on players suspected of buying MT Coins from third-party vendors. Buying MT and VC — the virtual currencies used to buy players on the marketplace and packs — outside of 2K’s marketplace is against NBA 2K23’s terms of service. This is not out of the ordinary, as several other CCG game modes in sports games also have policies that are similar to the one that 2K employs for MyTeam.

With all of these players coming back from their first ban during the ongoing MT sweep, it looks like some members are the community are trying to throw it in 2K’s face a bit. Transactions like the one seen above are very likely a result of illegal MT purchasing. If that’s the case, those players will probably get hit with a second ban, this time for 30 days. If they do it again, they’ll be slapped with a permanent ban from the mode.

This has been a rather notable week for NBA 2K23 and MyTeam, as the developers also dropped a new event. The All-Star event is now live, and users can grind to obtain 10 new Takeover cards over the next two weeks, in order to get a 98 OVR Russell Westbrook. Five of those cards, including a 96 OVR Joe Harris and a 96 OVR Andre Drummond, were released today.

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