Where to find starter weapons in New World

Starting out early.

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At the start of your journey in New World, you’ll probably take a look at the Weapon Mastery panel (just press the “K” button on your keyboard). Naturally, you’ll wonder why, out of all the weapons in the game, you somehow ended up with a sword and shield loadout. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll soon have access to others. Here’s our guide to help you find the starter weapons in New World.

Where to find the other weapon types in New World

In general, you’ll be able to find the other weapon types in New World once you’ve reached a settlement (i.e., Windsward). Here, you’ll encounter a trading post so you can buy gear, as well as various crafting stations if you wish to make your own. Likewise, it’s possible to find these as loot drops. However, the early game also has certain quests that already provide these. You might want to pick up these armaments so you can earn Weapon Mastery levels and points a lot sooner.

Fire Staff and Spear

You’ll receive the Fire Staff and Spear by opening the Ship’s Locker while doing a quest called “All That Remains.” The Fire Staff is particularly nasty since it allows you to be a pyromaniac caster DPS.

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Hatchet and Warhammer

These are found inside a chest that you’ll stumble upon as you’re exploring a cavern in “Remnant of Doom.” You can test these out, especially if you’ve put points in the Strength Attribute that helps with damage scaling.

There are more weapons available in New World once you’ve arrived in the settlement, and it’s not just because you can purchase them now. There are quests that take you on a tour of the location. You’ll check out the factions that you can join, as well as stations and fixtures for crafting. Some of these tasks reward you with various weapons like the Ice Gauntlet.

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