NHL 22: How Salary Perks work in Be a Pro

Learn how to take advantage of Salary Perks.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Outside of playing or simming games, you’re most likely going to spend your time in NHL 22’s Be a Pro mode on your stats. You’ll slowly gain TP and X-Factor points to help customize your character’s growth, and you’ll need to pay attention to which skills to invest in. But there’s another part of Be a Pro that’s worth exploring: Salary Perks. If used correctly, Salary Perks can be a big game changer.

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Salary Perks have varying effects, but the gist is that they either give you new TP or X-Factor Points to spend, help you grow your brand by boosting things like your social media follower count, or directly affect your stats. They can be bought using money you accumulate from contracts and sponsorships. The way they alter your stats is usually good, but some force you to compromise. Hiring a professional chef, for example, will give you a +1 to Durability and Strength, but a -1 to Speed.

Screenshot via Gamepur

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Some of the Salary Perks you purchase will be permanent, but others only last temporarily, expiring after a set number of games or days. Salary Perks that expire can be repurchased, however, so you won’t be losing their effects entirely so long as you have the funds to buy them again.