NHL 22: How to increase your playing time in Be a Pro

Learn how to own the ice.

Image from EA Sports

After you’ve made your character in Be a Pro, you’re going to want your new hockey star to spend as much time playing on the ice as possible. The key to increasing your playing time in Be a Pro is improving your line score. This is, of course, best done by actually playing well while you’re on the ice; you’re only going to have more chances to prove how good you are if your performance warrants it. Scoring goals, making assists, and killing penalties will all influence your line score. But there’s another crucial element to improving your playing time than just having good skills.

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While you’re in the middle of a game, your coach will call your player over to issue you a contextual challenge, and you’ll be tasked with making a choice between two promises that you’ll need to fulfill. These promises will vary depending on the game, with common objectives including either maintaining the lead or scoring a goal. You might also be tasked with a challenge before a game.

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If you pull off whatever you’ve promised, you’ll gain points to your Management Likeability. Earning a higher Management Likeability score also means earning more playing time on the ice. However, failing to complete a challenge can result in a drop to your Management Likeability, which means a drop to your line score — and your playing time — as a result.