NHL 22: Can you request a trade in Be a Pro?

How to play for your dream team.

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There’s a big appeal to NHL 22’s Be a Pro mode, which lets you create your own up-and-coming hockey superstar and take the entire league by storm. Unfortunately, unless you skip the beginning of your character’s career, you won’t be able to choose which team you’ll start with.

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Luckily you can request a trade in Be a Pro. Unlocking the option is simple but will take a bit of time, especially if you choose to play all your games rather than sim them. The first step is to progress far enough to be drafted by either the Buffalo Sabres or Seattle Kraken (which are, as far as we know, the only two possibilities).

You’ll then need to make your way through the preseason. When it’s over and you’re on the team’s final roster, you’ll see a new option available to you in the Be a Pro menu: Conversations. Choosing this option will allow you to speak to the GM and request a trade, which can actually be done immediately.

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However, requesting a trade ASAP isn’t advisable. Trades are gated behind a persuasion attempt and your chances of pulling a request off will be extremely risky. You can increase your odds of succeeding on a persuasion check by investing your TP in the persuasion skill trees found in the Dialogue tab, though the percentage boost is nearly insignificant at the start of your career.

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Failing the check will result in your Management Likability dropping by 300 points, Teammate Likability dropping by 150 points, and your Primary Line Score dropping by 100 points. It’s also safe to assume that it’s going to make the vibe in the GM’s office very awkward for your character.

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