Once Human: Release Date [Everything We Know]

Once Human is an online survival game where players must battle with a hostile world, but no one knows when its release date is.

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Image via Starry Studio

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Once Human is an exciting online survival game where the world is just as interesting as what players can do in it. Paranormal creatures will hunt anyone alive when strange events are triggered, but so many players will have to wait until its release date.

All games deserve to be developed until the people making them feel that they’re ready to be released. This applies even more so to MMOs like Once Human because the ramifications of rushing a game in this genre out the door can kill a company, as we saw with The Day Before. Thankfully, Starry Studio is taking all the time it needs with its title, but a release date is in sight for those who are desperate to play Once Human.

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When is the Release Date for Once Human?

Image via Starry Studio

The release date for Once Human is summer 2024/Q3 2024. Moderators have openly shared This release window on the official Once Human Discord server, so we’re pretty confident in its accuracy. While there’s no specific release date within that window, it should mean that the game will be available to purchase and jump into between June and September 2024.

At the time of writing, there’s currently a closed beta for Once Human that drew in many players who were let down by The Day Before. The development team expanded its initial pool of 20,000 players to 50,000 and limited access with codes because there’s so much interest. This is a good indicator to us that the game will be solid and mostly bug-free when it launches, meaning every player who wants to join in with the strange, paranormal world can do so.

How to Play Once Human Early

To play Once Human early, it’s best to visit the game’s website and sign up to take part in the next beta. After sharing an email address, the developer will contact everyone who has signed up for Once Human’s betas and offer them a chance to participate.

At the time of writing, this is the only way we know of for players to get into Once Human early. Even this method has been limited due to the game’s popularity, though. Players must also receive a key by email if they want to take part in a beta and play early, making it slightly more difficult than with other MMOs.

However, it’s possible that Starry Studio will give players a chance to jump into the game early closer to Once Human’s release date. This might come in the form of a premium edition with a few days of early access or a Steam early access version.

Everything We Know About Once Human

Image via Starry Studio

We only know a little about Once Human, mostly based on trailers and press releases, because the game is still in active development. As we’ve already mentioned, the game’s setting is a post-apocalyptic world where a strange event has caused paranormal fissures to rock reality regularly.

When these paranormal events are triggered, grotesque enemies who used to be human burst into the world and hunt players down. These range from people with televisions for heads to a school bus with six giant arms. The enemy design is what attracted us to the game in the first place, and we can’t wait to see more.

The story of Once Human seems to revolve around a woman around whom red butterflies made of paper appear. These butterflies are then stored in tanks that players wear, potentially protecting them from the more serious effects of the paranormal events. We believe that after getting a butterfly, players become a Meta, an agent fighting the chaos hitting the world.

As far as we know, Once Human will be an evolving game that is regularly updated with new events over time. It already has a plethora of activities, including fishing, and looks like a fleshed-out MMO in every sense before it’s even been officially released.