One Piece x Fortnite Crossover Rumors – Why Fans Think Luffy Skins Are Coming

Fans are hoping to see a One Piece crossover in Fortnite, and rumors are flying that this could happen, but there’s not legitimate evidence.

Image via Epic Games

One Piece is one of the most beloved anime series and has appeared in several forms of media, such as movies and video games. Many fans are looking forward to seeing where else the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates appear, and many believe they might make an appearance in Fortnite.

Many Fortnite fans speculate that One Piece, namely the main character Luffy, might appear in the battle royale game. With other anime characters appearing in Fortnite, it’s not impossible, but these rumors are somewhat stretched. Here’s what we know about the One Piece and Fortnite Crossover rumors.

What Are the One Piece Rumors Coming to Fortnite?

Image via Fortnite’s YouTube

From what we can tell, any One Piece crossovers featured for Fortnite are utterly saturated in rumors. The Fortnite team has confirmed nothing, and data miners don’t appear to have any specific information regarding a One Piece skin in the game’s code or will be available for release with the latest season in Fortnite, Chapter 4 Season 3.

So far, the rumors indicate that Fortnite has collaborated with Anime franchises, such as Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan. These crossovers have featured exclusive skins, like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Bulma, and Gohan from Dragon Ball Z Super.

In addition, Chapter 4, Season 3, appears to have a more tropical theme. Given that it has this theme, many Fortnite fans hope that Luffy and some other Straw Hat Pirate crew members will appear in the game, as it feels like a suitable time to add pirates to Fortnite.

Nothing has been concretely confirmed outside of these rumors, and fans are pulling at loose strings for what they hope will happen. The previous anime collaborations happened at the start of a new season, such as the appearance of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, and Captain Levi from the Attack on Titan series on April 11, 2023.

If any One Piece character makes their way over to Fortnite, we’ll be able to know more, and we’ll elaborate further on the various skins players can purchase or how to unlock them. For now, any Fortnite crossover featuring One Piece appears to be a rumor, with no data mining or word from the development team to support it.