Operation Scarlet Spear event guide – Warframe

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Operation Scarlet Spear will see you trying to fight off waves of Sentient enemies that have begun to attack the Origin System from Veil Proxima. It is the first event to use Operation Link and will involve different squads working in tandem to drive away massive Sentient ships.

How to start Operation Scarlet Spear

To start Operation Scarlet Spear in Warframe, you will need to head to the Scarlet Spear Flotilla. You can find it orbiting Earth in your Navigator, close to the Strata Relay.

Scarlet Spear Relay

Load in, and you will arrive at the main Operation room. You can find Little Duck on the right side. Speak with her, and she will give you the introduction to the Operation. When she is finished talking, you can purchase an OpLink from her for 1000 Credits.


When you purchase the OpLink, be sure to place it in your Gear Wheel before you start any missions. You can find an Arsenal station on the left side of the room.

Now, it’s time to start your first mission. In the center of the room, you will see a running count of active squads for the Operations two mission types, Ground Assault and Murex Raid.

Ground Assault involves taking on the massive Sentient Condrix, and the Murex Raid involves going after the Murex ship itself. At the center of the Relay, you will be able to see a board that tells you how many of the 100 Murex ships in the distance have been driven away, with displays showing active space and ground squads to either side.

Main Relay

Ground Assault

Ground Assault is a new mission that forms part of the Scarlet Spear event in Warframe. The mission involves taking on both Sentient and Grineer enemies as you try to get Kill Codes for squads that are playing Murex Raids, the other half of the new event.

How to start Ground Assault

Ground Assault Console

Once you have the OpLink in your Gear Wheel, you can begin a Ground Assault mission by heading to the console on the right side of the room.

What to do in Ground Assault

In Ground Assault, you need to kill the Condrix, a new Sentient enemy. A marker will indicate where the next Condrix will fall, so follow the waypoint to get there once you are in the mission.

When the Condrix falls to the earth, damage it by shooting the glowing orb at the center of the almost flower-like structure. After about one-third of the health is gone, it will become invulnerable, and another wave of Sentient enemies will spawn in.

The fight follows this pattern until the Condrix is dead. When the last damage phase is over, clear out the remaining Sentient enemies and then open your Gear Wheel and place your OpLink.

From time to time, an awkward enemy called the Aerolyst might spawn in. They are invulnerable until you shatter all the small canister that are around its waist, and only then will you be able to damage it. Bringing a Catchmoon to trivialize this particular enemy, as it will smash all the canister with one shot. 

You will need to protect it from the Grinner, who will be assaulting your position during this portion. The OpLink will scan the Condrix, and send Kill Codes to a player who is in the middle of a Murex Raid. When the scan is complete, a new waypoint will appear, which will lead you to the next Condrix.

You do not need to retrieve your OpLink and is it not used up by the scan; you can place it from the Gear Wheel again when you defeat the next Condrix.

After that, rinse and repeat as many times as you can, then extract when the fighting gets a bit too fierce for your squad.

Available players who are running the Murex Raid automatically receive kill Codes, and you don’t need to do anything special after you send them.

You will need to take out at least four Condrix before the option to extract from the mission will open.

Condrix Weaknesses

The Condrix is made up of Ferrite Armor and Flesh. Ferrite Armor is weak to Corrosive and Puncture damage, while Flesh is weak to Viral, Toxin, and Slash damage. As long as you are bringing a weapon that does any of those damage types, you should be effective against it.

You should also bring a range of damage types on your other weapons, as the Sentients will be able to develop immunity to the damage type that you are hitting them with.

Remember, you can stay in the mission as long as Condrix keep spawning, but each one will scale to be a little tougher than the last.

Best weapons and Warframes to use for Ground Assault

Any hard-hitting weapon will take out the Condrix. Sniper Rifles, well-modded Bows, and the Redeemer Prime are all standouts at absolutely crushing its health bar. For Warframes, Volt is excellent, offering plenty of damage buffing and protection with his shield. Mesa is superb at rapidly taking out the waves of smaller Sentients, allowing you to get through the event much quicker, and farm a lot more.

Wisp and Hildryn are both excellent support frames, offer much needed increased protection from the Sentients, and both Limbo (even with the event nerfs) and Vauban are fantastic for crowd control.

Murex Raid

The Murex Raid is a new mission that makes up the second part of Scarlet Spear. It involves using your Railjack to assault Sentient ships, get onboard, and upload Kill Codes to interfere with the ship’s progress through the system.

How to play the Murex Raid

The Murex Raid is pretty straight forward, but there are some ways to make it a simple mission to complete.

When you first load in, you will need to pilot the Railjack to the waypoint to set up the Kill Code transponder, and when it is in place, you can fly your ship straight into the front of the Sentient ship, through the large hole with the pulsating energy coming from it. This will protect the Railjack from enemy ships. One squad member should stay on the ship to deal with borders and do any repairs as required.

The other three should head into the Sentient ship through the door that will now be directly in front of your Railjack.

Once aboard the Sentient ship, follow the Waypoint and set up your OpLinks using your Gear Wheel. You will need to defend them from waves of Sentient enemies as they try to destroy the OpLinks.

The OpLinks will upload nine Kill Codes, which will be sent by other players doing the Ground Assault mission. This happens automatically; once your OpLinks are set up.

Once all the Kill Codes have been sent, you will automatically be returned to the Railjack, and it becomes a matter of just repeating the process for as many of the Murex ships as you can.

Always have a crew member on the Railjack to deal with enemies, as both Grineer and Sentient troops will attempt to board the ship. After that, it’s just a matter of defending the OpLinks, which will be very easy with Warframes like Limbo, Gara, and Frost.

Once you have sent five of the Murex ships packing, this will end, and you will return to the Scarlet Spear Relay, but you can always load in again as long as their are more Murex to be dealt with.

Best weapons and Warframe for the Murex Raid

A Frost, with good range, is extremely good for the Murex Raid. The OpLinks tend to cluster close together when deployed in this mission, and he can keep them all safe with his Snowglobe. Limbo, despite getting nerfs, is still a fine choice as well.

Mesa shines much here as she does in Ground Assault, mowing down enemies with ease. Honestly, any Warframe you bring will be fine, so if you are worried about dying a lot, bring something tanky. For weapons, make sure you bring a lot of variety in your damage types, as the Sentient enemies can adapt to whatever damage type you put out.


Each Condrix in Ground Assault and every three Kill Codes uploaded in Murex Raid counts as one rotation. Both missions follow an AABC pattern to their rotations.

Ground Assault can reward players with Endo, while Murex Raid can reward them with Dirac. The Ground Assault squad can also earn Lith and Meso Relics while the Murex Raid squad can earn Lith, Meso, and Neo relics.

Ground Assault Rotation Rewards

 500 Endo 500 Endo 500 Endo
 Lith C4 Lith C4 Meso B4
 Lith D1 Lith D1 Meso C4
 Lith S8 Lith S8 Meso D4
 Lith W2 Lith W2 Meso N9
 Lith C6 Lith C6 Meso C5
 Lith M5 Lith M5 Meso E4
 Meso R3

Murex Raid Rotation Rewards

 300 Dirac 300 Dirac 300 Dirac
 Lith C4 Meso B4 Neo A3
 Lith D1 Meso C4 Neo T2
 Lith S8 Meso D4 Neo Z5
 Lith W2 Meso N9 Neo I2
 Lith C6 Meso C5 Neo M3
 Lith M5 Meso E4 Neo P1
 Meso R3 Neo R4

Scarlet Credits

Each mission also rewards players with Scarlet Credits. You received several Scarlet Credits equal to your score in the mission, which will be displayed in the top left of the screen. Scarlet Credits can be traded to Little Duck in the Relay for event-specific items, Arcanes, and some new weapons.

After all 100 Murex ships are driven away, there will also be a Victory Payout. This is automatically delivered to your inbox from Little Duck. The payout will be equal to your highest total score between Ground Assault and Murex Raid multiplied by two and capped at 10,000 Scarlet Credits.

So, if you earn 1000 points in Ground Assault and 1500 points in Murex Raid, it will be the 1500 point value multiplied by two. You can receive more than one payment if you help more than one flotilla during the wave.

They can be traded to Little Duck for the following items:

  • Basmu
  • Ceti Lacera
  • Stance Forma Blueprints
  • Clan Sigils
  • Orbiter Decorations
  • A new Simulacrum room
  • Assorted Arcanes