Overwatch 2 Healer Character tier list – Best Supports in OW2

Stay in the fight.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Support characters in Overwatch 2 are the lifeblood of your team. If they can keep their teammates alive, you are set up much better to come away with a victory. Now that each Support can heal themselves over time, their survivability just became much easier, and their elimination is much more important for teams to focus on. Here is a tier list of all the current Overwatch 2 Support heroes and where we think they should go.

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Support hero tier list in Overwatch 2


  • Kiriko
image via Blizzard

Kiriko remains one of the top healer choices in Overwatch 2 with one of the best Ultimates in the game. Outside of the Ultimate, she has great movement and can teleport to teammates through walls, giving her great escape potential when she is overwhelmed and one of the fastest ways to reach allies in danger. If you can time her Protection Suzu ability properly, she can also completely negate damage incoming on teammates from massive attacks like D.Va and Junkrat’s Ultimates.


  • Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta
Screenshot by Gamepur

Depending who you talk to, Mercy can be considered one of the best Supports in Overwatch right now. She had her movement nerfed a bit with the new season, which definitely means you will have to be more aware of your surroundings when you go to jump between teammates with Guardian Angel. That being said, her healing potential to save low health teammates did get better, so she’s not a terrible choice by any means, and can keep her Tanks alive through a lot more punishment.

Moira’s healing output is super strong right now, especially paired with characters like Sigma and Reinhardt. Of course, lower levels will still get a lot of use out of her damage potential, but she is starting to show a little more use in supporting her team in other ranks as well.

Zenyatta is still unequivocally the easiest Support to take down, which will likely always be the case, but his orbs allowing for long-range healing and extra damage on key opponents is always a massive boon for anyone who is able to stay in the fight. He is a great choice for limiting just about any Tank.


  • Ana, Brigitte
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ana has some of the most impactful abilities for any hero in Overwatch 2, but her limited movement can leave her an easy prey for flankers that she can’t hit with her Sleep Dart. Also, Kiriko can nullify almost everything that makes Ana useful if timed right.

Brigitte has been heavily undervalued so far in Overwatch 2 because she doesn’t have her Shield Bash stun. That being said, as long as you don’t try and take on a team on your own, she can be a healer that compliments any Tank in the game.


  • Baptiste, Lucio
Image via Activision Blizzard

Baptiste’s Immortality Field will always have its defenders, but it is too easy to take off the field, and the cooldown is significant. If your team is sticking together, his healing can keep you alive when needed. By no means is he a terrible choice for Support, but there are other healers we would recommend choosing on this tier list.

Lucio has fallen a bit this season because of how strong hit-scans are at the moment. Wall riding is usually a good escape choice for him, but when so many strong options can pick him off, it can be a challenging time in some matches.