Here are some of the best champions for each role in Paladins

With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch version of Paladins, an abundance of new players will soon be joining the arena to learn all about the game and its many champions.

To give these new players a head start into the world of Paladins, we’ve tried out each champion available in-game to come up with a list of the best ones available right now.

Each character is split into one of four groups. Front Line champions are mainly used to control objectives and protect their teammates. Damage champions, as their name suggests, are used for dealing the most damage to foes. Support helps the team both offensively and defensively, while Flank are mobile champions that excel in both damage and speed.

We’ve chosen two of the best champions from each class that are sure to give you an advantage over your opponents in your next match.

Front Line


If you’ve ever played Reinhardt from Overwatch, then you might have a pretty good idea of how to use Fernando. You have your typical shield and charge attack that’s similar to the Overwatch hero, but then you have something better than a crummy old hammer—a flamethrower

The flamethrower can deal steady damage to opponents that are grouped up. Fernando also has a fireball attack that can take out any weak stragglers from afar. By chaining all these attacks, you can supply a healthy dose of offense and defense to your team.


Ruckus is an aggressive Front Line that wants to continually fire missile barrages toward an enemy team. You want to constantly be an annoyance, using your shield to absorb damage and using your jet boost to get in and out of enemy fire.

Your main job should be making the enemy team come to you so that your flankers and damage dealers can circle around for an attack or take an objective while you draw in enemy fire.



Viktor is arguably the most beginner-friendly champion in the game due to his simplistic kit, but that also makes him incredibly proficient in battle.

You have the option to aim down iron sights, something that no other champion can do, as well as throw a frag grenade into the enemy lineup. You can also run at an increased speed to get back to the fight or the objective. While these seem like standard abilities that most shooters have, they’re a rarity in Paladins that give you a killer edge.


Drogoz is your typical flying rocket-launcher-wielding character that’s present in a lot of other games.

You can fire a rocket that deals a large amount of area damage while also having the ability to fire multiple rockets at the same time, albeit with a lack of accuracy. What makes Drogoz unique, however, is his abilities that he can fire before his rockets that, if hit, increase the amount of damage foes will take.



Pip is one of the best beginner-friendly supports in the game so far and follows the trend of champions that are easy-to-play but hard-to-master, due to the simplicity of his ability kit.

Most of his abilities are skill shots, which can either heal allies or damage foes. His abilities also have a lot of unique traits that can slow groups of enemies and even turn them into chickens to leave them wide open to attacks.

The insane variety in his kit gives Pip a lot of utility—if you can hit every skill shot.


Ying is a support that can change to an offensive role with the flick of a switch.

She can create illusions that can distract the enemy while you heal them. These illusions, however, have the ability to be turned into offensive tools through the use of her shatter ability, which causes Ying’s copies to explode near enemies.

Her main advantage, however, is her ultimate, which can heal everyone on your team to help you win vital teamfights in objective modes.



Moji is a small wizard riding a two-headed dragon that shoots fireballs and breathes fire at your enemies.

As Moji, you want to be constantly firing your flamethrower and projectiles at the same time to deal damage and be as close to the action as possible. Moji isn’t immortal, however, so be sure to have a support ready to heal you up and use your barrier ability to block incoming attacks.


This aggressive gunslinger is a prime candidate for any objective warfare and could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Androxus has a host of game-changing abilities that can give him the advantage for nearly every fight. He has an ability that absorbs damage taken to fire it right back, as well as a quick dash ability that can get him in and out of combat with ease. Androxus is a good damage dealer that can shred squishy targets quickly.