Palia: Heat Root Location – How to Get Heat Root

Forage like a pro!

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It doesn’t take too much to wander around and find some good stuff in Palia. Even on your base farm location, the one you get at the start of the game, you can find enough mushrooms to create a very basic cooking recipe. While the more complex items are a fair bit down the road, nothing’s stopping you from gathering end-game items through just a little bit of explorative foraging.

The Heat Root is just one of the many rare gatherables that are necessary for various recipes in the game. If you find yourself needing some, we have a quick little guide that can help you track down some for your character in Palia.

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How to Find Heat Root in Palia

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If you’re looking for Heat Root, you’ll have to start by going to Bahari Bay and looking around the cliffs. Near the Statue Garden, you can find Heat Root along the cliffs if you climb high enough. If you’ve already been to the Coral Shores, you can access this area by using the Coral Shores as a fast-travel location. You’ll recognize Heat Root by their red color, and by the fact that they are the only thing glowing and sticking out of a cliff.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Heat Root have a specific location where they can be found though. Sometimes you can manage to come across Heat Root wherever cliffs are in Palia. They aren’t reserved for just Bahari Bay. So if you feel like climbing cliffs of any sort, keep an eye out for Heat Root.

What Are Heat Roots Used For in Palia?

Being a foraging item, the Heat Root is commonly used for either food or straight-up selling. If you try to sell it at the Foraging Guild Store, you’ll get 6 Foraging Metals. If you’re desperate for the ingredients in order to make food, you can always try gathering them from Ashura. That’s only after you’ve reached level 10 in the Guild Store though, so some initial gathering practice is what you’ll need to get to that point. Chapaa Masala and Sushi are two prominent dishes that you can make from Heat Roots.