Palia: All Cooking Recipes & Where to Find Them

The Master Chef achievement doesn’t mean you’ve cooked it all. Here’s every secret cooking recipe in Palia.

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Palia, the cozy MMO, spices things up with cooking. Food isn’t only there for the tasting experience; it’s also beneficial as it restores the focus meter, which gives you a bonus experience for any skill. Still, having just one look at the recipe sheets is quite overwhelming. There are ingredients, timing, and cooking stations to take care of. This guide tackles everything there is to know about cooking in Palia – from all cooking recipes to the most focus-efficient ones in the game.

Cooking in Palia, Explained

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Gather ’round the campfire for grilling fish, meat, and mushrooms, all thanks to Reth, who dishes out recipes as you level up. As you progress in the game, upgrade to stoves and prep stations for fancier recipes on your plot. 

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Interactive cooking adds flavor, and teaming up with pals is a must – missing an ingredient? Borrow from buddies. It’s a win-win because everyone gets food in return.

All Cooking Recipes in Palia & Where To Get Them

Image Recipe Name How to Unlock 
 Grilled FishGiven by Reth during the cooking tutorial. 
 Grilled Meat Given by Reth during the cooking tutorial. 
 Grilled MushroomGiven by Reth during the cooking tutorial. 
 Grilled Oyster Given by Reth during the cooking tutorial. 
 Akwinduu Chapaa Collect 3 pieces of paper by the statue garden. 
 Apple Pie Reach relationship level 3 with Delaila. 
 Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms Delaila and Badruu’s house’s kitchen by the farm. 
 Blueberry Pie Purchased from Reth. 
 Bouillabaisse Complete the freshwater bundle. 
Celebration CakePurchased from Reth.
 Chapaa Masala Purchased from Reth. 
 Cream of Mushroom Soup Reach level 4 relationship with Jina. 
 Creamy Carrot Soup Receive the library card in the mail and find the recipe. 
 Fish Stew Fish on the Bahari Bay Coast using a worm as bait. 
 Fried Catfish Dinner Reach relationship level 3 with Hassian. 
 Hearty Vegetable Soup Purchased from Reth. 
 Loaded Potato Soup Hodari and Najuma’s house’s kitchen in Bahari Bay. 
 Macaroon Dig at the flooded steps, then take the recipe to Hekkla. 
 Meat Stir Fry Purchased from Reth. 
 Palian Onion Soup Collect two Recipe Scraps located on Einar’s Dock. 
 Ramen Purchased from Reth. 
 Sashimi Fish in the Bahari Bay Rivers without using a worm. 
 Sernuk Noodle Stew Ashura’s Room on the window seat. 
 Steak Dinner Purchased from Reth. 
 Sushi Fish in any pond using a glowworm as bait. 
 Tomato Soup Reach relationship level 3 with Reth and find the recipe. 
 Trout Dinner Reach level 3 relationship with Einar. Find it in Einar’s House. 
 Veggie Fried Rice Purchased from Reth. 

Best Cooking Recipes to Restore Focus in Palia

Focus is the ultimate asset in Palia. Though all recipes restore some focus, these are the best Palia recipes to cook for focus.

  1. The Macaron boasts an impressive 6.19 focus replenishment in its normal form, but its star quality skyrockets to 9.28
  2. Not far behind, the Fish Stew swims in with a normal quality rating of 6.00, escalating to in star quality. 
  3. The Meaty Stir Fry has a normal quality score of 5.95, jumping to an enticing 8.93 when crafted with star quality.
  4. The Blueberry Jam has a normal quality score of 4.24, while its star quality iteration hits a harmonious 6.36. Not bad for a preserve.