Palia: Lunar Fairy Moth – How to Catch Lunar Fairy Moth

Gotta catch em all. Even the common ones.

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Collecting pretty bugs to sell is one part of making the mula in Palia. Should you want to display some of those bugs in your home, a good example of a cute one is the Lunar Fairy Moth. You can often find them flying around Palia, and they’re pretty hard to miss in comparison to other bugs that crawl along on the ground. Get that pitching arm of yours ready, because in this article we’ll explain how to catch the Lunar Fairy Moth in Palia.

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Where Can You Find the Lunar Fairy Moth in Palia?

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There are plenty of fish, bugs, and whatnot that appear outside of their strict location. Any amount of wandering around can give evidence to that. Sometimes you can stumble across rare things out of nowhere, but generally, if you want to find something, there are hot and cold zones for just about anything. So if you need bugs or rocks to improve your relationship with a Palian out there (or perhaps a robot who really likes fishing) then it’s best to collect everything you can at first.

If you’re just starting out, the world may seem a little big to sift through. Once you get your bearings and collect everything in sight, try to study the map and determine where different areas are. Just make sure you unlock the Belt and Smoke Bombs first so that you aren’t hunting without the right tools.

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The dire need for a Lunar Fairy Moth is easily fixed. It’s an Uncommon bug, but that doesn’t make it especially rare. If you want to find a Lunar Fairy Moth, try looking in any of the following locations:

  • Both north and south of Proudhorn Pass
  • Hideaway Bluffs
  • Pulsewater Plains
  • Outskirts

What are Lunar Fairy Moths Used for?

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Lunar Fairy Moths are good for selling, charming potential lovers, or just having them on display. If you sell one, you don’t get much gold for it, only 34. But if you manage to bag a 5-star quality Lunar Fairy Moth, you can turn it around for 54 Gold. While it isn’t especially valuable, catching a good few and selling them in bulk isn’t a bad idea for some quick cash.