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Palia: How to Unlock The Glider

A glider can be a helpful tool when exploring and getting around Palia. This guide will details how to unlock this essential item.

Palia is a pretty big world for players to explore, and getting yourself a glider can make your adventures a little easier to navigate and help you cover more ground quickly. It also can help you reach some new places and find a couple of goodies in the process.

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The game doesn’t give you your glider right away or clarify how you unlock it or what you need to get it. This guide will detail how to unlock your glider, including what materials you need, the quest to complete, and some tips on getting the materials to save you some hassle.

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How to Get the Like a Bird Quest

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To unlock the glider, you first need to get the quest Like a Bird, which is unlocked once you have finished most of the tutorial-style main quests; in this case, it follows on from the Ancient Battery quest, when you will discover some ruins that you cannot reach as there is a large gap separating the cavern. Once you have this quest, you can begin working towards getting your glider, which is relatively simple.

How to Unlock Your Glider in Palia

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First, head to Bahari Bay, located to the map’s far right; you’ll notice a small door-like icon indicating the entrance. Once here, you will need to talk with Najuma, a young boy who enjoys inventing and will give you the details on what he needs to make you a glider.

Next, we get to the main part of the quest, which requires you to gather up some materials. You need to bring Najuma the following items:

  • 5 x Sapwood Planks
  • 2 x Fabric
  • 5 x Leather

Sapwood Planks are the easiest part to find, as by this point in the game, you will likely have already unlocked the Sawmill and have created several planks. If you have not yet, you’ll need to level up your foraging to level two and pay Hodari a visit, who will have the Sawmill recipe available for purchase for 100 gold. Once you have this, craft it at your workbench with 40 Sapwood, 12 Flint, and 20 Plant Fibers. Place it in your housing plot, and throw in some Sapwood to get it working. Each plank only takes a minute to make, so you won’t need to wait long.

Ways to Get Fabric and Leather

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fabric and Leather can be pricey or take some time to get, depending on your approach. If you have the money, you can purchase Fabric and Leather from Tish at furniture-making level two for 190 and 60 Gold respectively, which in the early game can take some time to earn as you’ll need to farm and sell quite a few materials.

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If you don’t want to invest that much money into it, you can also make your own using the Fabric Loom, which is once again available from Tish at level two furniture making, costs 100 gold, and requires 15 x Sapwood Planks, 20 Plant Fibers, 2 Copper Bars, and 5 Ceramics to make. To make them, you need Sernuk Hide, which you get from hunting for Leather, while fabric requires cotton, which you can grow by gardening but will take a few hours until you can harvest. I already had Sernuk Hides as I enjoy hunting, and I decided to grow cotton, which took more time but, in the long run, was a better investment as I could save money for other items and recipes needed for other quests. Either way is fine, as both will take some effort, regardless.

Once you have the materials, head back to Najuma; he will make your glider, and you can traverse the world more easily!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aside from the obvious help with exploration, the glider can also help you reach new areas, particularly ones that have chests and loot to find. Some will be in the middle of ponds, which players can’t reach as they can’t swim, or across a gap, or in a hideaway only reach by gliding down or around to it. Once you have your glider, take some time to look around areas and keep your eyes peeled; you may find some extra goodies during your adventures.

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