Palia Patch 0.172 – New Hairstyles, Improved Mining, Bigger Houses & More

Palia’s Patch 0.172 proves Singularity 6 is listening to player feedback and working to polish the game.

Customization Palia 0.172

Image via Singularity 6

Singularity 6 is back with a fresh Palia patch, and it’s ticking all the boxes for me. This patch completely juices up the gameplay with better character customization, improved mining features, and more house spacing.

Cozy gamers worldwide flocked to Palia when its early access opened its arms to embrace our desire to be cozy together. Since then, Singularity 6 has periodically rolled some much-needed updates and patches, Palia’s Patch 0.172 being the latest. Let’s uncover all the shiny things it’s got to offer.

New, Varied Customization Options

New Hairstyles Palia 0.172
Image via Singularity 6

The moment you fire up Palia, it’s character creation time. But then, the instant you step into the Palia world, you will stumble upon a legion of doppelgängers mimicking your freshly minted character.

Despite an acceptable number of customization options, Patch 0172 added a buffet of new items. There are eight new skin tones16 fresh face options, and 14 extra eye colors. Plus, if you’re having a bad hair day (or year), choose from 11 new hairstyles, nine new facial hair options, and eight more hair colors. There are also three new glasses, which I’ll be wearing religiously to look stylish.

Mining Is Actually Fun Now?

Cake parties used to be everyone’s favorite money-making machine. With the recent nerf, my business was practically shown the exit door.

Thankfully, Singularity 6 has decided to give me something new to work on in Palia’s Patch 0.172: getting Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Garnet, Jasper, Onyx, Quartz, Ruby, and Sapphire from mining

I’ll be investing all my newly earned cash on my dream home, which will now be expanded thanks to the new housing limits.

Three New Premium Store Costumes

Premium Shop Palia 0.172
Image via Singularity 6

The Premium Store has been graced with three new bundles: the Plushie Pal Bundle, The Snowseer Bundle, and the Sunkissed Bundle. They all come with three unique outfits each that will help you stand out in the massive sea of Palians.

(A Bigger) Home Sweet Home

Housing Improvements Palia 0.172
Image via Singularity 6

My Palia abode was starting to feel cramped, but Singularity 6 has made some extra space in Palia’s Patch 0.172. 

The number of items you can place in your house has gone from 2,000 to 3,000. And the party doesn’t stop there; the limit for total housing add-ons has been boosted from 15 to 30

As if that weren’t enough, you can now place multiple Main Houses on the same plot of land. Each Main House can have a maximum of 15 add-ons, and the 30-building limit applies. I bet those Palians who didn’t know what to do with their riches are having a blast now. 

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Bahari Bay Gets More Palium Nodes and Fishing Hotspots

I’m a sucker for grinding, so getting more stuff to do is the most exciting bit of Palia’s Patch 0.172 for me. Bahari Bay‘s Palium nodes have increased by 60%, and fishing hotspots in the area are better than ever, with more hotspots and faster respawn rates.

New Feature: Chapaas’ Rummage Piles

Rummage Piles Palia 0.172
Image via Singularity 6

To decorate all your new property, Palia’s Patch 0.172 is introducing new furniture sets. However, they won’t just be for sale.

All over Palia’s map, you’ll run into Rummaging Piles left behind by chapaas. Search through them to find furniture recipes.