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Palia: Silk Thread Location – How To Get Silk Thread

Silk thread can be a helpful items for crafting and quests in Palia, and this guide explains where you can find this material.

Slik Thread is one of the many items you’ll find during your time in Palia, which is required for specific crafting recipes and to complete some quests. The only issue is that it’s rather hard to find, and unless you know where to look, you might be unsure of how to get your hands on this material.

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To help you along, we’ve put together this guide with details on how you can find Slik Thread in Palia and some of the uses for this material.

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How to Find Silk Thread in Palia

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At the time of writing, the only way to get Silk Thread is through the Bug Catching activity, and even then, it’s got a bit of randomness to it, making it a little tougher to find.

Silk Thread drops alongside certain insects and bugs you can catch in Palia, particularly rare or epic spawns, such as the Azure Stonehopper, Bahari Glowbug, or Golden Glory. Star quality also does not affect your chances or the amount you will get, so it’s just a case of searching around for certain bugs and leveling up your tools and Bug Catching skill to be in with more of a chance.

I’ve not been fortunate with Silk Thread, having only found maybe 5 to 8 in my whole time playing the game, and most of those came from exploring Bahari Bay and the woodland areas there. Alternatively, if you have found at least one, you can request some from other players via the trading system and hope for a few that way.

What to Do With Silk Thread in Palia

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Silk Thread has a couple of uses, namely to complete a few quests: Louder Than Words and Badruu Blues. Additionally, you can use Silk Thread to create the Silk Material, which is used when crafting certain furniture, like the Bellflower Bed.

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In order to make it, you’ll need to have Furniture Making at level 6 and have the Fabric Loom crafter to make your own Silk. When you have those, get five Silk Threads, and you can craft a Silk at your loom. This will take 10 minutes.

Of course, if you already have Silk Threads and have more than you need or need some extra money, making Silk to sell is a good shout, as one Silk sells for 145 gold.

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