Palia: Tree Seeds Location – How To Get Tree Seeds

Tree seeds can be tricky to find in Palia, and this guide will tell you how to find them.


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Growing your own crops is vital to any life sim or farming game, and Palia is no different, with players able to plant various crops, fruit, veg, and trees in their plots for harvesting. One of the more elusive items is the Tree Seeds, which can be rather tricky to find during your time in Palia.

In this guide, we’ll detail how and where to find Tree Seeds in Palia so you can get started on planting and reaping the benefits.

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How to Find Tree Seeds in Palia

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Much like Silk Thread, Tree Seeds are a rare drop in Palia, and there is only one real way to get them. In order to get these items, you’ll need to cut down medium to large trees around Kilima and in Bahari Bay, and even then, there’s still a random chance that one will drop. Additionally, you must upgrade your axe tool to at least copper to cut down bigger trees.

Bigger trees will have more chance to drop seeds, but this requires you to upgrade to a Fine Axe to cut the biggest trees, making this a test of patience and endurance.

This can be a real pain when trying to complete the Prove your Devotion quest, which requires you to plant five trees on your plot, so we suggest you keep hold of any seeds you find and wait until you need them for this quest. Additionally, you may get sent a seed or two from other villagers at random, in which case, keep them until they are needed too.

How to Get Apple and Blueberry Seeds in Palia

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While tree seeds can be hard to get, it is possible to get some other seeds a bit easier that you can use to create bushes and trees, both of which provide you with crops to boot. These are Apple and Blueberry seeds.

Apple seeds can be obtained by using the Seed Collector crafter and depositing ten apples into it to convert into a seed for an Apple Tree. This process takes over two hours to complete, so it’s still a bit of a wait, but once it’s done, you can plant your Apple Tree in your crop area, and requires 3×3 spaces to plant. They also take 12 days to grow and buff the growth speed of nearby crops.

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For Blueberries, you’ll get gifted five blueberries when you reach level three friendship with Badruu, which, using the Seed Collector, you can convert four of those into 2 Blueberry seeds. These require 2×2 space to plant, will take nine days to grow, and buff nearby crops’ growth speed.

Alternatively, both of these can be purchased from Badruu using Gardening Medals, a special currency unlocked when a skill reaches level ten, with Blueberry seeds closing 45 Gardening Medals and Apple Tree seeds costing a whopping 280 Gardening Medals.