Payday 3: How to Open The Vault Safe in Rock The Cradle

There’s a vault that you can find during the Rock The Cradle mission in Payday 3, and this guide shows you where to find and unlock it.

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The primary goal you’ll be working through the Payday 3 missions is all about getting out with as much loot as possible. There are several ways you can do this when you get loud, but there’s also a stealth alternative you can go with you if you’d rather no one caught wind of you, especially when you’re working on the Rock The Cradle heist.

In Rock The Cradle, the Crypto Wallet is your primary objective. If you can secure it without raising an alarm, the information on it won’t be deleted. After you’ve done this, there’s a vault you can unlock, but there’s a specific way you have to do it. Here’s what you need to know about how to open the vault safe in Payday 3’s Rock The Cradle.

How to Find The Vault Safe in Rock The Cradle

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The location of the vault in my experience remains at the same location in each playthrough. The best way to reach it is by going down the stairs in the VIP area, taking a right, and then entering the door that says “Black Knight,” and heading inside. On the right side of this room will be a private area, and you’ll avoid the cameras and guards. Head down the other side of the hallway, and you’ll find the Vault Room. I typically do this after finding the Crypto Wallet and securing it during this Payday 3 mission, but the choice is up to you.

You can reach this area after the alarm has gone off or still hasn’t been activated. If you get this part of the mission and the alarm goes off in your Payday 3 run, you’ll have to reactivate the computer for the keypad, which can take some time, especially during a police assault.

How To Unlock Vault Safe in Rock The Cradle

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Now, unlocking the Vault Safe in this area requires you to track down two codes. One of them will be real, and the other is a fake You can find these codes in the Accounting Office. One of the codes will be somewhere in the room, sometimes in the back closet or on the counters. The other combination code is typically inside the safe in the room. You can unlock it on any Payday 3 player, so long as you can complete the minigame, where you figure out the proper combination. The two numbers for these codes will change out each playthrough.

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Once those two codes have been acquired, return to the vault and input the correct code between the pair of them. This should unlock the vault for your Payday 3 team, and you can begin emptying it. Again, having tried this when the alarm was going on, it was tough given the amount of police officers attacking the area.