Penguin Souvenir #9 location – Eternity – Destiny 2

The last one.

It is week nine of Destiny 2’s ongoing hunt for Penguins. This is the final little guy to we will need to collect for the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph. This time, you will need to venture into the depths of Eternity.

Make your way to Cadmus Ridge, then head into the Bray Exoscience compound. Go all the way through the tunnels, and make sure you head towards the back of the first big room, then take the door on the left to start the journey to Eternity.

You will need to go quite far, all the way to the room with the large server stacks, the big central console, and the seemingly pointless double-level hallway on the left side. You can find the exact location of this room marked below.

Go into that hallway and you will find a yellow bar enemy. Take them out and they will drop a charge orb. You need to bring this further into eternity, to the point where you need to ascend into the dark by jumping from platform to platform. When you near the end, you will find a machine that will accept the charge orb. Interact with it, and the Penguin will appear on a crate beside it.

If you forgot about some of the previous weeks, you can find all the locations you need here. That’s it for all the Penguins, all you need to do is bring this last one back to the room beside Variks at Charon’s Crossing to wrap up the Triumph. As a reward for getting the last one, you will get a Penguin holo-statue for your little hut near the Exo Stanger.