Pikmin 4: All Boss Locations & How To Defeat Them

Here’s a comprehensive list on all Pikmin 4 bosses, their location, and how to defeat them.

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In Pikmin 4, the boss battles pose formidable challenges, living up to their name. These powerful foes are considerably tougher than regular enemies encountered throughout the game. Despite the difficulty, the satisfaction of triumphing over these challenging foes and reaping the rewards makes the effort worthwhile. 

Here is everything you need to know about Bosses in Pikmin 4 and how to defeat them.

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Boss Battle Tips and Tricks for Pikmin 4

We’ve seen our fair share of bosses in Pikmin 4, so here are some general boss battle tips to prevent these big baddies from wiping all your Pikmin:

  • Increase your chances of success by strategically selecting different types of Pikmin according to the specific demands of each battle. 
  • Boss Battles can quickly wipe your and Oatchi’s health, so keep Emergency Kits and Scrum Bones at hand before facing boss battles.
  • Defeating these mighty adversaries and returning their remains to the base camp will reward players with generous amounts of Sparklium, ranging from 12 to 30 units.

How to Find and Defeat All Pikmin 4 Bosses

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Here are the bosses you’ll come up against in Pikmin 4 and where to find them, along with a few tips on how to defeat them.

AppearanceBoss NameLocationWeightHow to Defeat
Empress BulblaxKingdom of Beasts
Cavern for a King
20Empress Bulbax will unroll and deal damage by rolling to the sides. Stay either in front or behind her to avoid damage.
Puffy BlowhogDrafty Gallery5Puffy Blowhog has a powerful wind gust attack that can blow you and your Pikmin back. Deal damage until it’s stunned, or freeze it to create an opening.
FoolixSecluded Courtyard5Target the Foolix’s tail to remove its protection. Unleash as much damage as possible to reduce its health bar before it goes back up. When it recovers, retreat Pikmin. Rinse and repeat.
Emperor BulblaxKingdom of Beasts
Cavern for a King
15Focus on one Emperor Bulbax at a time. It performs a deadly shout attack, so stick to its sides but target its face to deal damage.
MasterhopSeafloor Resort15Masterhop will leap and stomp the ground, dealing damage to Pikmin. Deal damage, but retrieve them as soon as he leaps to avoid losing them.
Burrowing SnagretBlossoming Arcadia15Wait for Burrowing Snagret to attack. It’s time to deal damage when its beak is buried in the dirt. If possible, use Ice Pikmin to freeze it and maximize this opening.
Crusted RumpupSerene Shores20Target the Crusted Rumpup’s back to deal the most damage. Avoid leaving Pikmin in front of it, or they will be swallowed.
PorquillionSun-speckled Terrace
Plunder Palace
Cradle of the Beast
12Wait for the Porquillion to throw its spikes, then deal relentless damage.
Sovereign BulblaxCavern for a King30Target its head for maximum damage, but beware of its tongue and stomp attack.
Horned Canon BeetleHero’s Hideaway
Cavern for a King
30Avoid its front to prevent your Pikmin from getting vacuumed. Wait for it to flutter its wings and expose its shell Pikmin toward its soft spot.
Arctic Cannon BeetleSubzero Sauna
Cavern for a King
30Same as above.
Man-At-LegsCavern for a King12Keep moving to avoid its missiles. When the gun’s out of sight, it’s time to attack.
Snowflake FluttertailFrozen Inferno15Break the cocoon to deal damage.
GildemanderCavern for a King20Break the gold ingots on its back to reveal its weak spot.
PuffstoolPrimordial Thicket12Keep dealing damage to flip the Puffstool over. Once upside down, use Ice Pikmin to freeze it in place and deal damage.
Bug-eyed CrawmadSerene Shores15Target its buggy eyes to stun it and deal damage.
WaterwraithEngulfed Castlen/aDeal relentless damage while avoiding its slam attack.
Ancient SirehoundCavern for a Kingn/aPhase 1: Avoid the slam charge and deal damage when its belly is exposed.
Phase 2: Avoid being bit by snowballs and take advantage of all openings.
Phase 3: Take advantage of its electric attack immobility to deal damage.
Phase 4: Dodge fireballs, stomps, and stand on the Sirehound’s back.
Phase 5: Progress through the fog patches while avoiding the beams to flip the SIrehound one last time.