Planet Zoo – Building controls and tips

These commands will have you building in no time.

Image via Steam

Developed and published by Frontier Developments, Planet Zoo is a construction and development simulation game. Essentially, players are able to build a zoo to their desired discretion, piece by piece.

Planet Zoo’s in-game controls can certainly seem daunting right at the get-go, especially for new players hopping on for the first time. This guide will establish the main controls for building/object placement, along with providing a brief explanation for the commands if necessary.

Building/object placement controls

  • Left mouse – Place object/piece
  • Right mouse or ESC – Cancels placement
  • Left mouse + CTRL – Select multiple objects/pieces
  • Z – Rotate object 90 degrees – If you’re placing an item on a grid, then this will rotate it exactly 90 degrees. If you rotate the item on its own, and not on the grid, then this will rotate the object freely.
  • X – Toggle advanced moves/rotations
  • Shift – Resets the vertical height of the object to default – levels the object precisely to the ground.
  • Shift + ↕ (mouse up/down) – Adjusts the vertical height of the object – moves the object up or down.
  • CTRL + Move mouse – Locks object to the surface axes – Locks to the X, Y, and Z axes. This is very useful when you’re trying to line pieces up perfectly.
  • Space Bar – Toggles angle snap movement on/off – This is, as opposed to moving objects freely.
  • V – Toggles align to surface on/off – This allows the object to align right up against any surface, precisely, without the object going right through various terrain such as a hill.
  • K – Flatten terrain on/off
  • F – Place decorations/attachments centered on objects

General building tips

  • Be aware of the building classifications of objects. In the game, building pieces and scenery pieces behave differently from one another. Building pieces include walls, roofs, and foundation, while scenery pieces include aesthetics such as flowers, posts, and hedges. In the building menu, keep an eye out for the small hashtag included in the pictures of available pieces to select from. If the image has a hashtag inside of it, then it is a building piece, and if it doesn’t, it’s considered scenery. Essentially, building pieces are locked to the grid when building, while scenery objects are not.
  • When you load up the game, the standard camera view is the default setting. Alternatively, the free mode camera setting can be toggled by selecting the T key. This changes the camera view to free mode, which provides a beneficial camera viewing alternative to assist in building with.
  • Head over to the Planet Zoo workshop on Steam. This is an excellent resource where skilled players share their content for the community. From here, you can download other players’ workshop items or browse through to give yourself ideas and spark your creative edge.