Pokemon Day 2024 Announcement Predictions, From Least to Most Likely

Pokemon Day 2024 is fast approaching, so let’s take a look at some predictions for what we’ll hear from the Pokemon Company on February 27

Pokemon Day 2024 Predictions Ranked

Image via The Pokemon Company

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Historically, Pokemon fans expect big announcements from the company on February 27, also known as Pokemon Day. This date marks the anniversary of when the first two video games were released in Japan, and it’s become an annual celebration of all things Pokemon.

Pokemon Day is also when we tend to find out what content we can expect to see for the next year or so, with big announcements for the video games, trading card game, and anime. Since Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is winding down, many fans are eagerly awaiting Pokemon Day 2024 to see what’s next. Naturally, that means every PokeFan on the internet has predictions. As a professional Pokemon fan, I’m here to rank some of the existing theories floating around in terms of how likely they are to prove true when Pokemon Day finally arrives.

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Pokemon Snap 3

New New Pokemon Snap Pokemon Day 2024 Predictions
Image via The Pokemon Company

Okay, this is kind of a joke, but also kind of not? For the first few weeks of New Pokemon Snap, fans couldn’t get enough of the nostalgic return to taking photos of Pokemon all around the globe. Even if many of us have wandered off to new PokeWorlds, that doesn’t stop some fans from speculating that the relative success of New Pokemon Snap could bring us a third installment.

I don’t think this is too likely since we’re barely over two years since New Pokemon Snap and there aren’t that many new Pokemon or areas to feature. Though I suppose there’s always a chance. I’m not ruling out a spinoff game announcement at Pokemon Day this year rather than a main series game, but I don’t know that Snap is the most likely contender.

Another Scarlet / Violet DLC

Penny and Arven Eat the Mochi Indigo Disk Epilogue
Screenshot by Gamepur

Many a Pokemon fan on Reddit has predicted that we’re not quite done with Scarlet & Violet just yet and that a third DLC is on its way this year. This speculation comes partly from our desire to stick with the beloved characters from these flawed games, and partly from the fact that the last two DLCs wound up feeling a bit rushed after falling behind schedule.

Personally, I think it would be a bit odd to release something called the epilogue, then add on more DLC. I suspect that we’ll continue to see Raids and Mass Outbreaks to keep people coming back to Scarlet & Violet until a new mainstream game release, but I won’t be holding my breath for more DLC.

The Next Pokemon Movie

Pokemon Legends Celebi Pokemon Day Predictions
Image via The Pokemon Company

It’s been a little while since our last full-length Pokemon movie, which means some fans are speculating a new one will be announced. We’ve left Ash Ketchum behind and Pokemon Horizons: The Series will introduce us to new protagonists, which means they could very well become the stars of a new film.

Personally, I think it’s more likely the Pokemon Company will continue to experiment with shorter-form and side projects to see what sticks. Pokemon Resort was a runaway hit, while the movies seem to have decreased in popularity over time. Without the draw of a familiar character like Ash as the star, I don’t think a new movie is particularly likely… unless they use it as an excuse for our new heroes to run across the new Champion. Plus, Pokemon Horizons hasn’t even begun airing in the US yet, with its Netflix release pushed back to March 7.

A New Pokemon Legends Game

Pokemon Legends Pokemon Day Predictions
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends: Arceus broke the Pokemon mainstream game mold in some interesting ways, and ever since, players have had their fingers crossed for another Legends-style game. In particular, Celebi is a popular choice due to its role in Pokemon4Ever.

Fans (myself included) have some unanswered questions about Celebi’s wibbly wobbly timey wimey antics, and a Legends title centered on this Pokemon would be a great place to explore this story. I think it’s certainly possible the success of Legends: Arceus could well lead to another game in its mold, so this one gets a solid maybe from me.

Return to Unova or Johto with a Remake

Unova Region Pokemon Black and White
Image via The Pokemon Company

Throughout the last year, many fans have watched The Pokemon Company closely for hints as to the next video game remake. Many consider Blueberry Academy’s location in Unova as practical proof that a Unovo remake is next up for the main series games, while others note there have been an awful lot of Johto references on the Pokemon social media this last year.

Traditionally, main series releases tend to alternate between new generations and remakes, meaning 2024 would give us a re-release after Gen 9 in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While I can’t begin to promise the long-anticipated Unova return is imminent, I do think a main series remake is a pretty likely scenario for this year’s Pokemon Day announcement.