Pokemon Horizons Netflix Release Date & Trailer

Pokemon Horizons is coming to Netflix in 2024, following the conclusion of Ash Ketchum’s adventures in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.

Pokemon Horizons Netflix Release Date Announced

Image via The Pokemon Company

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While US fans have been watching the conclusion of Ash Ketchum’s journey in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, audiences in Japan have already embarked on a new adventure, Pokemon Horizons. Fans excited for this new chapter are in luck, as the Pokemon Horizons Netflix release date has been announced.

The new series takes a different direction from the classic anime, with Ash Ketchum no longer leading the story. Instead, a mysterious girl named Liko leads the charge with her companion Sprigatito, as she becomes tangled in a story helped along by a cast of exciting new characters.

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When Does Pokemon Horizons Release on Netflix

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Horizons releases on Netflix February 23, 2024. According to the press release provided by The Pokemon Company, this is to celebrate the release of the original video games, which came out on February 27, 1996.

It isn’t currently known how many episodes will be available in the first Pokemon Horizons release, but it could be as many as two dozen if it follows the same pattern as Pokemon Journeys. Anyone who wants to watch it will require a Netflix subscription, and the episodes won’t be available on other streaming platforms upon release.

What is Pokemon Horizons About

Upon the Pokemon Horizons release, fans in the US will follow Liko, Roy, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito through their adventures in the Paldea region. After starting school at Indigo Academy, Liko finds herself entangled in a situation with a group called The Explorers. Teaming up with Friede, Captain Pikachu, and the Rising Volt Tacklers, she must run from The Explorers while learning about the strange necklace she wears.

Is Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Horizons

As of the Pokemon Horizons release, Ash Ketchum will no longer be part of the Pokemon anime. His final adventures concluded in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys. He may return in future films, but at this time there is no word on projects that might include Ash and his friends.

Pokemon Horizons is an exciting new chapter for the beloved animated series that has run alongside the video games for over two decades. Having watched every episode since “I Choose You, Pikachu”, it is hard to say goodbye to the familiar cast of characters that I grew up alongside.

However, the opportunity to go on a fresh adventure in a reimagined version of the Pokemon world is beyond exciting, and many new and longtime fans will likely find it refreshing. While Team Rocket won’t be blasting off in the Pokemon Horizons release, Liko will surely reach the hearts of millions and offer new stories that fans can connect to and cherish as her journey continues.