Pokemon Go: Can You Get a Shiny Mega Gengar?

Get spooky with a shiny Mega Gengar.

Image by GameFreak

As Pokemon Go events keep coming and going, Mega Gengar has certainly been a part of their fair share of moments in the rotation. While it’s preferable to wait for a Pokemon’s special day to nab a shiny version of it, there are certainly ways players can do so outside of events. The Mega version of Gengar has a great shiny variation that collectors in Go may want to look more into as the game continues on.

Shiny Mega Gengar is a haunting white, with black eyes and a yellow third eye on its head. Far different from the standard shiny form we know and love and strikingly different from the standard look we have on a Gengar, this one is certainly worth collecting. It looks more like a classic ghost than anything else, which makes it not only valuable for battle but for a Pokedex. In this article, we’ll go over how to get yourself a Shiny Gengar in Pokemon Go.

How to Catch Shiny Mega Gengar

Image by GameFreak

If you want to get your hands on a Shiny Mega Gengar, the obvious best path would be to wait for a community day featuring your ghosty friend. However, if you’re impatient, there are better ways. In Pokemon Go, it’s possible to nab a Shiny Mega, but only if you take the steps toward getting a Mega in the first place. To get started, consider some of these next steps:

1. Collect Mega Energy

To get a Mega Evolution, you’ll need Mega Energy. Mega Energy is a resource that you can gather through a number of convenient means. If you want Mega Energy, try going on raids, completing Special Research objectives, and doing Field Research goals. Doing these things not only helps you accumulate Mega Energy but also helps broaden your foot in the door for catching a shiny.

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2. Focus on shiny hunting

If you find a shiny Gastly, it can become your Shiny Mega Gengar. To work your way towards that goal, work on your shiny hunting. This involves simply catching Gastly or any of that evolution line as often as you can until you encounter a shiny. While events can be best for this, your shiny ratio is still out there helping you, so every chance at a shiny Gastly is pretty legitimate.

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3. Mega evolve

Once you have your shiny Gastly, it’s time to mega-evolve. Getting a couple hundred Mega Energy is what you need to Mega Evolve your ghost friend. Mega Raids, if you haven’t caught your shiny yet, are great opportunities for catching shiny Pokemon. So if you want to capture two Pokemon objectives with one ball, so to speak, participating in as many Mega Raids as you can certainly help things move along.

If you participate in a raid featuring a specific Pokemon, your chances of encountering a shiny one go up by insane amounts. For instance, if you want to find a shiny Gengar, raids give a 1 in 30 chance for the Pokemon to be shiny. So if you have a squad of friends to join up with, get them to go outside with you so that you can take down a sea of Gengar in Pokemon Go.