Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event: Dates, Featured Pokemon, & More

Pokemon GO is throwing another icy December 2023 event our way with the one-day Catch Mastery Event, featuring ice-type Pokemon

Pokemon Go Catch Mastery Featured Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company

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It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and Pokemon GO is going all-in on ice-type Pokemon. The latest frosty event is Pokemon GO Catch Mastery, which highlights some ice-type favorites.

Even if we’re all looking to be outside a bit less as the temperatures drop, Niantic shows no signs of slowing down with events like the upcoming one-day Catch Mastery event. Grab a warm coat or head to your favorite indoor Pokemon-catching locale because we’re digging in with the details for this upcoming December 2023 event in Pokemon GO.

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When is the Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event?

Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event
Image via Niantic

The Catch Mastery Event in Pokemon GO will take place on Saturday, December 9, from 10 AM to 9 PM local time. That’s just one day to snag some ice-cold Shiny Pokemon by perfecting your Pokeball throwing skills.

Catch Mastery Pokemon GO Featured Ice Types
Image via The Pokemon Company

During the daylong Catch Mastery event, ice-type Pokemon Snowrunt and Bergmite will appear more often in wild encounters. Both have a chance of being Shiny, so if you still need to either to your collection, now’s the time!

In addition, snowflake Pokemon Cryogonal will be the focus of field research and timed research during the event.

Bonuses for Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event

PokeBall Trio Pokemon GO
Image via The Pokemon Company

Throughout the day on December 9, players will get double XP for successful Pokemon catches with nice, great, and excellent throws.

In addition, you’ll have an increased chance to run into Shiny Snorunt, Shiny Cryogonal, and Shiny Bergmite.

Field Research for Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event

Pokemon GO Holiday Image
Image via Niantic

During the Catch Mastery event, players will be able to snag field research tasks related to PokeBall accuracy.

These PokeBall throwing tasks will lead to encounters with Cryogonal, including a chance for Shiny Cryogonal.

Timed Research & Paid Timed Research for Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event

Mateo Field Research Pokemon Go
Image via Niantic

Is it even a Pokemon GO event without Timed Research? We’ll see some special Timed Research centered on catching ice types during the Catch Mastery event.

There are a total of 10 sets of research tasks, with the chance to encounter as many as 40 Cryogonal. These tasks also have a greater chance of spawning Shiny Cryogonal as your reward encounter.

In addition to this Timed Research, players can purchase an additional chance at the tasks through Paid Timed Research. This $2.00 USD purchase will give players the same tasks for Timed Research, so you can do the whole thing twice if you’re still chasing down a Shiny Cryogonal or trying to mine candies for it.