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Pokemon Go Plus +: Price, Functionality, & Where To Buy

The Pokemon Go Plus+ is a very neat little bluetooth device that gives even more functions to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ is a device that players can connect to their mobile games, like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep, giving them access to additional functions and rewards. The Pokemon Go Plus+ is a little round Pokeball with a white button in the center. The device works via Bluetooth and comes with a charging cord to replenish its battery after using it for a while. This guide will go over all of what the button does, the price, and where to buy it.

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How Does The Pokemon Go Plus+ Work?

Pokemon Go Plus+ Button
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The button itself contains a pressable white circle on its face. Once clicked, it will light up white to show it is in pairing mode. In order to pair it to either of the apps, players will need to go to the menu that explains how to connect them.

Pairing in Pokemon Sleep

Here’s how to pair your Pokemon Go Plus + with the Pokemon Sleep app:

  • Launch Pokemon Sleep
  • Press “Main Menu”
  • Press “Settings and More”
  • Under “Pokemon Go Plus +” press “Pair a Device”
  • Follow the steps by pressing the buttons on the Pokemon Go Plus + device when prompted
  • A successful pair will be indicated by an excited Pikachu cry

Once it is connected to Pokemon Sleep, it will provide further help in teaching players how all the options and features work. When it comes time for bed, the button can be clicked to begin sleep checking, and Pikachu will sing an adorable lullaby. This can be turned off by clicking the center button again.

In the morning, open Pokemon Sleep and transfer the data from the Pokemon Go Plus + over to the app. This device also plays Pokemon cries when clicked in the mobile game, which adds to the adorableness of the button.

Pairing in Pokemon Go

Here’s how to pair your Pokemon Go Plus + with the Pokemon Go app:

  • Launch Pokemon Go
  • Press the Pokeball icon at the bottom
  • Press the Settings icon in the top right corner
  • Select “Connected Devices and Services”
  • Select “Accessory Devices” and allow Bluetooth connections
  • Follow the instruction on screen to begin pairing

When using it in Pokemon Go, it will automatically catch Pokemon based on the settings selected and spin PokeStops. This is supposed to make it more convenient for players while they are out running errands to play the game without having to look at their screen as much. However, Pokemon Go will have to remain up on the mobile phone otherwise, the Pokemon Go Plus+ button will disconnect.

The button goes through a number of different lights, including red, yellow, white, green, and a rainbow effect. Each one has different means for each mobile app.

Red normally means it was disconnected or failed to catch a Pokemon.

White means it is connecting or transferring data or in pairing mode.

Green means it successfully caught a Pokemon.

Yellow means there is a Pokemon encountered in Pokemon Go that the player hasn’t caught yet before.

These are almost all the functions that the button will provide to the individual Pokemon experiences. Some players have questioned if the Pokemon Go Plus+ Button gets warm with using, especially with tracking sleep all throughout the night, and no, it does not. The button remains feeling as if it wasn’t even on, feeling room temperature.

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How Much Does Pokemon Go Plus+ Cost and Where To Buy

The Pokemon Go Plus+ costs about $54.99, but the price can be subject to change as time goes on or as it might get discounts in the future. This Bluetooth device can be purchased from retailers that sell other Nintendo products or purchased straight from Nintendo or the Pokemon Center website. Below is a list of each store that is known for carrying the Pokemon Go Plus+ so players can get theirs as soon as possible.

There are some other smaller shops online that might also sell the Pokemon Go Plus+, but above is all the main retailers which gamers and Pokemon fans will want to purchase their button from. This device is inexpensive for all the features and functions it will bring to die-hard fans, and it is exciting to see what The Pokemon Company will do with it next.

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