Pokémon Go: Spreading Cheer Special Research Tasks & Rewards

The Togetic Community Day event comes with a Special Research that you can complete in Pokémon Go, earning several rewards.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s April 2023 Community Day features Togetic, and it will be spawning in the wild for an increased time during the event. It’s the perfect time to catch this Pokémon and evolve it into Togekiss, one of the better Fairy-type Pokémon that can counter Dragon-types.

There will be a Special Research available during the Community Day called Spreading Cheer. This is an optional ticket for you to grab and is not required to participate. Here’s what you need to know about all tasks and rewards for completing the Spreading Cheer Special Research in Pokémon Go.

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How to complete Spreading Cheer Special Research in Pokémon Go

Image via the Pokemon Company

There will be four tasks for this Special Research, similar to the previous Community Day quests in Pokémon Go. You can buy it before and during the April 2023 Community Day, which takes place from April 15, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local area.

We only recommend grabbing it if you plan to participate in the event entirely, so you don’t miss out on any of these tasks, as they’re easier to complete while Togetic is spawning.

These are all the tasks and rewards you’ll receive for completing the Spreading Cheer Special Research in Pokémon Go.

Task 1

  • Power up Pokémon 10 Times – 15 Poké Balls
  • Catch 15 Togetic – Togetic encounter
  • Make five Nice Throws – 20 Togepi Candy

Rewards: 2,000 Stardust, an incense, and a Togetic encounter

Task 2

  • Catch 15 Togetic – 30 Togepi Candy
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon – Togetic encounter
  • Use three Pinap Berries to catch Pokémon – 10 Pinap Berries

Rewards: 1,500 XP, a Lure Module, and a Togetic encounter

Task 3

  • Make three Great Curveball throws – 15 Great Balls
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon – A Lucky Egg
  • Evolve a Togetic – 50 Togepi Candy

Rewards: 2,500 XP, 15 Ultra Balls, and a Rocket Radar

Task 4

  • Claim Reward – Two Silver Pinap Berries
  • Claim Reward – 2 Golden Razz Berries
  • Claim Reward – 2,500 XP

Rewards: Three Rare Candies, 3,000 Stardust, and a Togekiss encounter