Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh: Release Date, Bonuses, Prices, & More

Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh will kick off the end of Pokemon Go’s Timeless Travels season, and we have the full details of what to expect.

Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh Release Date & Event 2024

Image via Niantic

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On the heels of Pokemon Go’s Timeless Travels season reveal, we have another big event for players to look forward to: the next Pokemon Go Tour. The Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh event is set to kick off in February 2024, celebrating the Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

This is a perfect opportunity for players to grab any Pokemon they have yet to encounter from Sinnoh. There will be a ticket for anyone who wants to make sure they participate in it, or if you want to join in the in-person ones. Here’s what you need to know about the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh and what you can expect from everything.

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When is Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh?

Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh Event Details
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There will be multiple dates for Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh, with the Global Event happening from February 24 to 25, 2024. This version of the Tour will be available regardless of location, but there will also be in-person events, which will occur at specific locations.

So far the primary live event will be happening at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles. This will happen before the Global Event, from February 17 to February 18, 2024. This is a ticketed event and unfortunately, tickets are sold out as of February 14, 2024. If you missed your chance, you can still attend Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh’s Global Event.

How to Buy A Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh Los Angeles Ticket

Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh Los Angeles Promo Pic
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There are two ways to participate in the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh event, but only one of them requires a paid ticket. Players who want to attend the Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh event in Los Angeles had to purchase a ticket.

Sadly, the Los Angeles event is now sold out, so if you don’t yet have a ticket you’ll have to opt for the Global event the following week.

How to Participate in Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh Global

Diamond or Pearl Pokemon GO
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The Global Event, which will happen worldwide, does not require a ticket and will be available for anyone playing Pokemon GO worldwide. Simply open up your app during the Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh Global event on February 24 and 25 and you’ll be able to join in the fun.

Players will need to choose between two different badges for the event, which will impact whether they encounter Origin Forme Palkia or Origin Forme Dialga during Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh Global.

While this event will be accessible from anywhere, I recommend ensuring you find yourself in a location with several Pokemon spawns alongside several PokeStops and Gyms, as these features will only enhance your experience throughout the event.

All Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh Bonuses & Encounters

Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh Los Angeles One Star Raids Time-Space Anomoly
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Niantic has now released the full details for bonuses & encounters during Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh Los Angeles and Global. The event will feature Dialga and Palkia in five-star raids throughout the event, as well as the debut of Origin Forme Dialga or Origin Forme Palkia, depending on the ticket or badge you choose. This will also involve the debut of new Adventure Effects, which are Pokemon moves that impact your gameplay in real time.

In addition to these raids, you’ll have a chance to catch Pokemon from the Sinnoh and Hisui regions through three- and one-star raids as well as wild encounters. We broke down all the raid appearances in a recent post to help you prepare.

Similar to previous Pokemon Go Tours and Pokemon Go Fest events, we have confirmed habitats. These habitats will each feature specific Pokemon and, during set times, will experience space-time anomalies that bring in Pokemon from the Huisui region.

These habitats differ between the Los Angeles and Global versions of the event. Habitats for Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh Los Angeles include the Entangled Ruins, Seaside Metropolis, Bubbling Mire, and Hot Mountain Spring. For the Global event, the habitats are Bustling Boardwalk, Ancient Grove, Toxic Digs, and Geothermal Lagoon.

Each habitat will feature a variety of Pokemon from the Sinnoh and Hisui regions, and all of them have the potential to be Shiny. Unown spelling out Sinnoh and Hisui will also appear in these regions