Pokemon Rumble Rush: Ore And Refining Explained

In Pokemon Rumble Rush, Ore can drop when you defeat a boss. The main reason you want to get Ore is that you can refine it, and get Gears from it. This will help you to make your Pokemon more powerful and allow you to progress through the stages and tournaments more easily.

One very important thing to know about Ore is that specific types of Ore will drop from the same type of Pokemon. If you want to get Fire type Gears, then you need to focus on farming a Fire-type boss. Once you understand this, it becomes a lot easier to get the type of Gears you want, and the game stops feeling so random.

Ore Types

There are three main types of Ore that we will go through here. Each one will drop a different amount of rewards. When we talk about “Focused Type,” we are referring to Gear that will be the same type as the boss it dropped from.


Standard Ore takes 30 minutes to refine, or you can skip the time for 15 Poke Diamonds. It will drop a Focused Type Power Gear, another random Power Gear, and 500 Coins.

Unusual Ore

Unusual Ore will take 3 hours to refine. You can skip that time for 90 Poke Diamonds. It will drop between 5 and 10 pieces of Focused Power Gear, 1 to 5 pieces of other Power Gear, and 2500 Coins.

Rare Ore

Rare Ore will take 10 hours to refine, and this time can be skipped for 300 Poke Diamonds. It will drop between 20 and 30 pieces of Focused Power Gear, between 1 and 10 pieces of other Power Gear, and 7500 Coins.

How To Refine Ore

Ore Refining

When some Ore drops from a Boss, a Magenmite will come in and fly it off to your Ore screen for you. If you need to access the Ore screen at any other time, just hit the Ore button on the main screen.

You can have up to three Ore any one time, and to refine some Ore you just need to tap on it, then hit “Start Refining.” If you pick up the fourth piece of Ore, you can discard it if you wish, or use Poke Diamonds to rush another refinement to free up a slot. You can also dismiss one of the Ores you already have to make space for it. So, if you pick up a Rare Ore, you can dump a normal Ore to free up a lot. You can only do this ten times a day, however.

I like just to refine the quicker ores first, as it nearly always keeps space free in case a better Ore shows up. I just refine the Rare Ores at night when I am not playing the game anyway. If needs must, dumping a standard Ore in favor of an Unusual or Rare is fine. You can also buy an extra Refining Slot from the Store for actual money if you wish.

That just about covers everything you need to know about Ore and Refining. If future updates change how this all works in Pokemon Rumble Rush, we will keep you up to date with any changes.