Pokemon Sleep 1.0.13 Update Notes: Linking Cords, Weekly Rollover Changes, & More

Pokemon Sleep has big plans for the next update, including improvements to Snorlax’s menu requests and better use for those linking cords

Pokemon Sleep Onix

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Fans of sleep-tracking game Pokemon Sleep got good news in the form of several long-awaited changes in the next major update. Players will now see a better use for the linking cord, changes to weekly rollovers, and many other improvements for the game.

The last update for Pokemon Sleep was a bit of a bumpy ride as it caused some glitches, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited to see the Select Button team continue to improve the game. Update 1.0.13 is headed our way, with a long list of new features and tweaks, so let’s take a look at what we can expect when we wake up to a refreshed Pokemon Sleep.

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When Is Update 1.0.13 Coming to Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep General Notices
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Pokemon Sleep’s next update, version 1.0.13 is scheduled to begin on November 15 and be completed by shortly after midnight on November 16. That means users should be able to download the latest updates in the morning on November 16.

New Linking Cord Perks

Pokemon Sleep Poke Ball
Screenshot via Gamepur

A common complaint for Pokemon Sleep fans is that the number of linking cords in the game far outweighs the benefits of having said linking cords. Linking cords are used as an evolution item in Pokemon Sleep, which means you only need them when you’re trying to evolve certain Pokemon.

Now, we’ll see a change to entice players to use their linking cords and like it. When you use a linking cord from the bag screen, you’ll also get five candies from a random Pokemon that evolves using this item.

Friendship Now Comes with Additional Benefits

Research Community Pokemon Sleep
Screenshot via Gamepur

The update also includes a tweak to community research where sharing research with friends will sometimes earn you two candies instead of just one. And of course, the higher your friendship level is, the more likely you are to get the bonus candy when receiving research data from that friend.

Snorlax More Likely to Change the Menu Week to Week

Cooking Requests Pokemon Sleep
Screenshot via Gamepur

People who are tired of making the same Mixed Juice recipe every day for weeks on end, rejoice!

With the new Pokemon Sleep update, Snorlax will be less likely to choose the same requested food as the previous week’s menu. That means if you’ve been living in Drinks & Desserts land, you’re much more likely to escape into Salads or Soups & Curries after this update.

New Sleep Sounds & Alarms

Pokemon Sleep Tracking Sleep
Screenshot via Gamepur

If you like to fall asleep to noise but are tired of feeling like you’re in the Pokemon Center every single night, this update brings good tidings. There will be new options for the relaxing sounds you play to fall asleep, as well as new alarm sounds if you’re using the app to wake up as well.

No details yet on what the sounds will be or just how many there are, but it looks like downloading additional sounds will be optional. That’s great if you don’t use them and are concerned about phone memory.

Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge for Max Level Pokemon

Pokemon Sleep Professor
Image via The Pokemon Company

When a helper Pokemon hits their maximum level, any EXP they earn will get added to a new “Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge.” Each time your bonus gauge fills up with 500 EXP, you’ll earn a Hard Candy S that you can use to level up your helper Pokemon.

This gauge will show up in the Sleep Session review pop-up screen and can be accessed via a button that will show up on your screen once you have points stored in the Bonus Gauge.

Bug Fixes

Image via the Pokemon Company

This update will include a few fixes as well as the shiny new features. The bug fixes this time around include:

  • For Android users, issues with screen brightness settings have been fixed.
  • Text display issues have also been addressed, including errors with Pokemon nicknames not showing up as well as incorrect numbers of items.

Other Notable Changes for Version 1.0.13

Image via the Pokemon Company

In addition to the big changes and bug fixes, there are a few other tweaks that are worth noting in this latest update. Additional changes include:

  • Notices to help players understand gameplay, such as a note when you’ve reached the max research rank that will let you know your EXP gets converted to dream shards.
  • We’ll also see some additional notification marks to help players know when new content is added to the in-game shop.

With these big changes on the horizon, it seems like Pokemon Sleep is going to get even better. Now let’s just cross our fingers the update doesn’t set all of our default languages to Japanese again.