All Portal 2 cheat codes

Don’t take that threatening voice too seriously.


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Portal 2 really needs no introduction since most people have at least heard of it, if not played it. The game utilizes a portal gun and tasks players with creating portals to solve complex puzzles across a wide range of levels. As with many games from that era, Portal 2 has a set of cheat codes players can use to cheese their way through levels or have a bit of fun with ridiculous alterations to the characters. This guide contains every cheat code you can use in Portal 2, so you can try them all.

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All Portal 2 cheat codes for controllers

Portal 2
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The following list contains every Portal 2 cheat code that we’re aware of. The codes are in Xbox controller format because that’s the most common controller for players to use. However, the codes still apply to other platforms, you just need to translate them to the relevant buttons.

  • Create Box: Down, B, A, B, Y, Down, B, A, B, Y
  • Fire Energy Ball: Up, Y, Y, X, X, A, A, B, B, Up
  • Fire Rocket Projectile: Up, Y, Y, B, B, A, A, X, X, Up
  • No Clip: Up, Up, Up, LB, Up, Up, Up, RB, Up, Up
  • Portal Gun V1: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Y, Y
  • Portal Gun V2: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, X
  • Portal Gun V3: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, A, A
  • Portal Gun V4: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, B, B
  • Place Portal Anywhere: Y, A, B, A. B, Y, Y, A, Left, Right
  • Safe Toggle: LS, LS, LS, LS, RS, RS, RS, RS, RB, RB
  • Status Toggle: LS, LS, LS, LS, RS, RS, RS, RS, LB, LB
  • Upgrade Portal Gun: X, B, LB, RB, Left, Right, LB, RB, LT, RT
  • Wireframe Mode: LB, LB, RB, RB, LB, RB, LB, RB, Left, Right

How to enter Portal 2 cheat codes with a controller

To enter Portal 2 cheat codes and enable the cheats, you just need to pause the game and tap out the codes as they appear in the above list. The cheat will be enabled once you go back into the game. The only slight variation on each code is that with PlayStation consoles, you need to use “L1 and R1” instead of “LB and RB.”

All Portal 2 cheat codes for PC

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When playing Portal 2 on PC, you can use a few more codes to enable some completely bonkers cheats. To enter them, you need to press the Tilde (~) key to open the game’s console. Then, type in “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheat mode. To disable it, repeat the process but type “sv_cheats 0.” Now you can type in the codes below and press return to activate them.

  • First person view: firstperson
  • Invincibility: god
  • No clipping mode: noclip
  • Set game speed (by default, it’s 1): host_timescale (raise it using 0, 1, or 2)
  • Set gravity: sv_gravity (use numbers to try out different settings)
  • Shoot Conversion Gel from your face: ent_create_paint_bomb_portal
  • Shoot Propulsion Gel from your face: ent_create_paint_bomb_speed
  • Shoot Repulsion Gel from your face: ent_create_paint_bomb_jump
  • Set the acceleration of the Speed Gel (the default is “500.0f”): sv_speed_paint_acceleration [number]f
  • Set the maximum speed obtainable from Speed Gel (the default is “800.0f”): sv_speed_paint_max [number]f
  • Set the minimum speed in seconds the Portal Gun is fired (the default is “0.20”): portalgun_fire_delay [number]
  • Set the minimum speed in seconds the Portal Gun will shoot when trigger is held (the default is “0.5”): portalgun_held_button_fire_fire_delay [number]
  • Shoot water from your face: ent_create_paint_bomb_erase
  • Spawn the Companion Cube: ent_create_portal_companion_cube
  • Spawn the Dune Buggy: ch_createjeep
  • Spawn the Reflector Cube: ent_create_portal_reflector_cube
  • The player can be damaged but won’t die: budda
  • Third person view: thirdperson
  • Toggle portal placement anywhere: sv_portal_placement_never_fail [type 0 at the end to disable, 1 to enable]
  • Turrets won’t shoot at you: notarget
  • View frame rate: cl_showfps 1
  • View your position and speed in the game: cl_showpos 1

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