Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Chun-Li guide – move list and strategies

Evildoers aren’t ready for Chun-Li’s kicks.

Chun-Li, also known as the “first lady of fighting games,” takes the identity of the Blue Phoenix Ranger in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Known for her mighty kicks from the Street Fighter series, Chun-Li’s playstyle translates unusually into the Power Rangers fighter — while many Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom veterans will be familiar with her control inputs, Battle for the Grid players will have to start practicing their quarter circles and Spinning Bird Kicks. Chun-Li is a speedy fighter, effective at both close combat with her signature kick attacks, and zoning with her Kikoken fireball.

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Try to be unpredictable with Chun-Li’s unique set of kick attacks, all leaving your opponent dazed and stunned for a moment.

  • Tenkukyaku – Special
  • Youshoukyaku – (while airborne) Special
  • Kasairyuu – Forward + Medium
  • Kasairyuu (Fake-Out) – Forward + Medium Hold
  • Yosokyaku – (while airborne) Down + Medium
  • Sankaku Tobi – Forward, Near the wall



Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Chun-Li Fireball
Screenshot by Gamepur

Hold Back, then Forward + Light/Medium/Heavy

Chun-Li’s one projectile move is a bit difficult to pull off; hold back for a couple of moments, but not for too long, then hit forward and an attack button to shoot a fireball. Using Light, Medium, or Heavy will determine the speed and the amount of damage the fireball gives.

Sourou Kikoken

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Chun-Li Blue Phoenix
Screenshot by Gamepur

During Kikoken, Heavy

Chun-Li’s follow-up might even be harder to input; after launching a Heavy Kikoken, spam the Heavy button and unleash a blue phoenix attack.


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Chun-Li Kicks
Screenshot by Gamepur

Quarter Circle Forward (Down, Down Forward, Forward) + Light/Medium/Heavy

Chun-Li’s signature move lets out a flurry of kicks, with the number of kicks depending on whether you hit Light, Medium, or Heavy. You can also perform this while airborne.

Tenku Hasha Kyaku

Heavy, Hyakuretsukyaku, Heavy

Prelude your flurry of kicks with a forward kick, then end the special with an upward launching kick.

Spinning Bird Kick

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Chun-Li Spinning Bird Kick
Screenshot by Gamepur

Hold Down, then Up + Light/Medium/Heavy

The Spinning Bird Kick will require some practice; hold down for two or three seconds, then hit up and an attack button simultaneously.

  • Shouheki Hanchou Kyaku – Special during Spinning Bird Kick
  • Jimen Hanchou Han-en Shu – Heavy, Airborne Hyakuretsukyaku, Heavy

EX Special

Consume a section of your Super meter to perform EX versions of your Special moves.

  • Shakunetsu Kikoken – Hold Back, then Forward + (Light + Medium)/(Medium + Heavy)
  • Hyakugouka – Quarter Circle Forward + (Light + Medium)/(Medium + Heavy)
  • Spinning Phoenix – Hold Down, then Up + (Light + Medium)/(Medium + Heavy)
  • EX Spinning Bird Kick – Light + Special


Your Super attacks use up your entire meter and add a bit of cinematic flair.

  • Hoyokusen – Heavy + Special