PS5 Slim Guide: Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Here’s how to purchase the upcoming PlayStation 5 slim models and when you can expect to get your hands on one.

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A new PlayStation 5 model is on the way, but what’s its release date, how much will it cost, and where can you buy it? We’ll refer to this as the PS5 Slim to differentiate it from the existing line of consoles, though Sony is only referring to it as the PS5, as it’s intended to replace the current line of systems once they’re all sold.

The current two PS5s are beasts in terms of size, especially when compared to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S. These behemoths struggle to fit into most home entertainment centers, which is why some fans have been holding off on a brand-new model, one that is much smaller. Their patience has paid off, as the PS5 Slim is roughly 30% smaller than the current models while still being just as powerful.

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How Much Will The PS5 Slim Cost?

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There are two versions of the PS5 Slim coming out: PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The difference between them is that the PlayStation 5 has a disc drive, while the Digital Edition does not. You can purchase an optional disc drive for the Digital Edition for $79.99/£99.99. At launch, the PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99/£479.99, while the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will cost $449.99/£389.99.

When Will The PS5 Slim Be Released?

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The PS5 Slim is intended to be a 2023 holiday release item. As of the time of writing, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 Slim will be released in November 2023, though no set release day has been given. Sony has also confirmed that other regions will receive the PS5 Slim at a later date, with a potential rollout of several months, depending on location.

Where Can I Buy The PS5 Slim?

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As of the time of writing, the pre-orders for the PS5 Slim have yet to go live. Sony has announced that the consoles will be available from PlayStation Direct and participating retailers. We’ll update this article when the pre-orders go live, as well as when the release date for the PS5 Slim has been set in stone.

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The PS5 Slim will likely be a hot item over the holiday season, especially with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the way and a year of solid exclusives like Final Fantasy XVI. The big question now is whether Sony can meet the demand or whether it will be a repeat of the PS5’s launch year, and humans will wrestle bots for the chance to own a system.