Red Dead Redemption 2 | Blessed Are The Meek Walkthrough

 Red Dead Redemption 2 | Blessed Are The Meek Walkthrough

Arthur was exceedingly drunk in the last mission A Quiet Time and he almost fainted. Getting back at the woods you will have to save Micah to play the next main mission Blessed are the Meek. For this you have to go to Jail to see Micah who is caught by the sheriff. Go to Strawberry locate the jail.

Blessed Are The Meek Walkthrough

Blessed Are The Meek Walkthrough

To earn Gold Medal you will have to fulfill multiple requirements. First thing you will have to complete the mission without taking any health items. Second you will need around 15 headshots and finish the mission by 70% accuracy. Last you will have to kill all Lawman in 55 seconds at the time of escaping.

Locate and Speak to Micah


After the cutscene walk right and go to the back of the Jail. You will find a small window where you can talk to Micah. You can help Micah out but it is recommended if you put the disguise. Pull the bandana and hide your mouth so that you won’t get recognized. On the opposite side of the prison window look for the lever with a hook. Connect the hook to the window and pull the lever. This will break the window and Micah will be out. Micah will kill the prisoners who is trying to escape.

Protect Micah

Next you will have to fight with Lawmen’s. During the first wave of fight Micah will run towards house shouting for Skinny. Just follow Micah he will show you the path you need to move on. Shoot the Lawmen’s in your path. Use Dead Eye to lock multiple targets. Once Micah runs into the house, loot the bodies. He will return back with weapons, cross the small bridge on the left of the house for more enemies. Keep walking and shooting down the enemies till you spot your horse.

After mounting the horse two men will attack Micah, shoot them and follow him into the woods. You will keep facing shooters in your way, shoot them to protect Micah. The mission is over and you will also earn a Wanted level. Micah will tell you about Skinny, who house he ran into to get the guns.

The mission ends once you escape. In the final cutscene Micah will thank Arthur and he will say that he will meet Dutch when he is able to make a peace offering. Micah will also give you an Off-hand Holster. You can now carry two side-arms at a single time and you can also dual wield them. The next main mission you can play is The First Shall be Last. To start this mission you will have to meet Javier who is on a cliff on the north of Blackwater. You will find that Sean will be moved to a federal prison and your next plan to save him.

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