RDR2 Pearson and Trapper Camp Animal List – All Crafting Ingredients

Get to wranglin some critters.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a big game with many nooks and crannies to get yourself into. Whether it’s hyper-fixating on the horses for hours or wandering the lands on one of the said horses. After a while, you meet Pearson in your camp and quickly realize he can help you create new items for Arthur. He can also upgrade items using materials you bring him, using any skins or furs you collect throughout the game.

If you’re having trouble finding Trappers in Red Dead Redemption 2, just navigate to the Options section and filter your map to see every Trapper location. If Pearson can’t craft your item, the Trapper can. In this article, we’ll summarize what ingredients you need for each craft with each character so that you can stop wondering and start gathering.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Pearson Camp Animal List in RDR 2

Image by Rockstar Games

Both the Trapper and Pearson are NPCs in RDR2 that can create items for you based on what you bring them in return. This mainly involves hunting animals, and each NPC accepts different things. The Trapper generally has more things to sell you, while Pearson is someone available at camp who can do more versatile things to help you out in-game. He can sell you things, increase your satchel size, and more. To get everything you can out of these two NPCs, we have a list of items that you’ll need to get and trade.

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To offer items to Pearson, gather them up and bring them to camp, his workbench. As you approach, a Donate prompt will appear. Even things you have stored on your horse will become viable items to trade in. From there, you can peruse your list and choose what to give and keep. Remember, though, the longer you keep carcasses, the lower the quality of it will get. Below are all the items you can bring to Pearson in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • Boar Pelt x6
  • Bison Pelt
  • Rabbit Pelt
  • Beaver Pelt x2
  • Raccoon Pelt
  • Elk Pelt x2
  • Fox Pelt
  • Goat Hide x2
  • Cow Hide
  • Alligator Skin
  • Muskrat Pelt
  • Wolf Pelt x3
  • Snake Skin x2
  • Pronghorn Hide x2
  • Panther Pelt
  • Iguana Skin
  • Buck Pelt
  • Deer Pelt x7
  • Ox Hide x2
  • Cougar Pelt x3
  • Squirrel Pelt
  • Badger Pelt
  • Ram Carcass
  • Moose Antler
  • Pronghorn Carcass
  • Wolf Carcass
  • Buck Antler
  • Elk Antler

Red Dead Redemption 2: Trapper Camp Animal List in RDR 2

Image by Rockstar Games

If you thought Pearson was a big customer, Trapper has even more crafting ingredients he can use to make your things. He has the most diverse set of options in terms of crafting, giving you options like hats, outfits, and other accessories. Below is everything you’ll need to get crafted items out of the Trapper, with exclusion of things like Legendary Animals:

  • Bull Hide x3
  • Bison Pelt x3
  • Boar Pelt x10
  • Raccoon Pelt
  • Rabbit Pelt x7
  • Beaver Pelt x9
  • Ram Hide x5
  • Hawk Feather x3
  • Elk Pelt x4
  • Turkey Feather x6
  • Cardinal Feather x3
  • Goat Hide x7
  • Moose Pelt x3
  • Eagle Feather x4
  • Fox Pelt x3
  • Muskrat Pelt x5
  • Cow Hide x5
  • Alligator Skin
  • Gila Monster Skin x2
  • Snake Skin x15
  • Wolf Pelt x3
  • Pronghorn Hide x4
  • Sheep Hide x6
  • Collard Peccary Pig Pelt x2
  • Panther Pelt x3
  • Iguana Skin x3
  • Goose Feather x2
  • Songbird Feather x2
  • Rooster Feather x4
  • Pigeon Feather x2
  • Woodpecker Feather x6
  • Crow Feather x2
  • Chicken Feather x4
  • Duck Feather x2
  • Quail Feather x2
  • Blue Jay Feather x3
  • Cedar Wax Wing Feather x2
  • Sparrow Feather x4
  • Pheasant Feather x2
  • Seagull Feather
  • Vulture Feather
  • Condor Feather
  • Loon Feather x2
  • Oriole Feather x5
  • Robin Feather x7
  • Raven Feather x13
  • Opossum Pelt x4
  • Rat Pelt x16
  • Squirrel Pelt x6
  • Skunk Pelt x3
  • Badger Pelt x2
  • Black Bear Pelt x2
  • Cougar Pelt x3
  • Armadillo Skin x2
  • Pig Hide
  • Deer Pelt x3
  • Coyote Pelt x3
  • Ox Hide x2
  • Buck Pelt x3
  • Owl Feather
  • Panther Pelt x3