Rebirth Raven Location Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6


Screenshot via Gamepur

Rebirth Raven, one of the many NPCs that can be found on the island in Fortnite, is in high demand this season as she is part of the most recent Spire Challenges. This long-running set of challenges has been ongoing all season and is a central part of the storyline.

Players are wondering where to find Rebirth Raven, and in this guide, we will show you where to find her. Players can find Rebirth Raven to the northwest of Sweaty Sands. She is living in a house right on the coast and is normally in the first room on the ground floor.

Rebirth Raven will sell you an Exotic Bow, open up a Rift, or give you some challenges to complete. For the Spire challenges, she will also have a specific dialogue option that you need to click on the left side of the radial menu.

The Raven skin is also one of the Battle Pass skins this season and is based on Raven’s appearance in the DC Comics Rebirth series, where she once again teams up with other heroes like Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and a new Kid Flash to form the Teen Titans.