The Fine Joys of Tobacco Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 The Fine Joys of Tobacco Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

In the previous mission Horse Flesh for Dinner, Arthur felt like fool after robbing some horses from Braithwaite family’s stable and through it will draw him $5000, but he gets way to less. In the next mission The Fine Joys of Tobacco, Catherine Braithwaite offers a task to Sean and Arthur to burn down the fields of Gray’s family.

The Fine Joys of Tobacco Walkthrough

The Fine Joys of Tobacco Walkthrough

In this mission for gold medal you have to kill guard quietly when you were hiding in the wagon and douse the fields within 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You will also have to kill 5 Grays while running way and avoid taking any health items.

Visit Braithwaite’s Major | The Fine Joys of Tobacco


Go to the major and you will see Hosea having tea with Catherine Braithwaite and she will give a task. Arthur and Sean will leave to Caliga Hall. On the way, Sean will ask Arthur if he is worried about getting recognized. Press X to hide in the wagon and Sean will drive towards the hall. Sean will somehow manage to convince the guards to let him pass, but he will sit with Sean. He will continue talking to Hamish the guard, once you reach the barn you have to quietly sneak out and kill him. This is one of the requirements to earn gold medal.

Visit Braithwaite’s Manor | The Fine Joys of Tobacco


After killing the guard, Arthur will drag the body inside and close the barn door. Sean will make plenty of Molotov’s the objective is to coat the field with moonshine and light it up. After the cutscene follow Sean, and you will see a wagon. Two men will talk about the payroll, but Arthur will go with the plan. Sean will kill the guard on the distance.

Douse The Tobacco Fields With Moonshine | The Fine Joys of Tobacco


After Sean kill the guards, walk to the field. It is in the front, jump over the fence and goes to the other side. Go to the yellow area and pres RT to pour moonshine. Go slow, it is a big area to cover. You have to stop when yellow part disappears, which means there is enough moonshine for dousing the field. There will be over all 3 to four areas to cover. Do watch for the guards. They are walking around the fiend with a lamp in their hand, so you can spot them easily. The challenging part is to cross the roads to reach on the other side, let the guards past first.

Meet Sean at the Barn | The Fine Joys of Tobacco

Once you are done with this job go and meet Sean. But do look for the guards, they are regularly patrolling the area. Sean is pretty far away so you have to look for alternative route to avoid the guards. You will see Sean taking down the guard in front of the Barn.

Burn the Barn | The Fine Joys of Tobacco

Pull out the Molotov and burn the barn. Next walk towards the fields and throw a few Molotov in them, follow the yellow patches on the mini-map. You have to keep throwing Molotov till the patch disappears. You have to kill Gray’s guards once they spot the fire. Help Sean to deal with them. This is the first wave, second wave appear when Sean tells you to follow him to find the horses. You will run through the burning fields and keep dealing with guards.

Burn the Barn | The Fine Joys of Tobacco


Sean will lead you to the wagon of payroll, he will search for money till the time you have to free the horses. Wait for Sean to loot money and then follow him. Shoot the guards in your way so that Sean can move ahead. While escaping you have to take care of obstacles in your way or else you can fall.

Sean will stop after a short ride and Accept to go to camp with Sean to complete this mission. In the end cutscene you will see the burning field. The mission is over here. For the next one Preaching Forgiveness as He Went you will need to find Lenny at the camp.

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