The Sheep and the Goats Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 The Sheep and the Goats Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur took Jack to fishing in a short mission A Fisher of Men. He was intercepted by two detectives who were hunting for Dutch. After learning this from Arthur, Dutch tell everyone to stay low for a while. For the next mission you will have to find John. You can find him on the south side of Valentine. He wants you to herd some sheep and buy a sniper rifle. This is where you will unlock a sniper rifle.

The Sheep and the Goats Walkthrough

The Sheep and the Goats Walkthrough

To earn gold medal herd all the sheeps in to the pen in Valentine and get 25 head-shots in a fight. You will have to complete this mission with around 70% accuracy without taking any health item.

Talk to John

Follow John and you both will go on a small walk. He will tell you to hitch your horse and take you to a arm store. Pick Rolling Block Rifle, you won’t have to pay anything for this. But you can pay for the customization. Take the gun and follow John. You will have to switch to cinematic mode and hold X/A so that you are not left behind.

Shoot near the ranchers to scare them off


John will take you to a mountain cliff and tell you to shoot near the ranchers to scare them off. Don’t shoot the sheep’s or anyone. Just shoot on the ground around their horse and they will run away.

Herd Sheep

Go down the mountain and herd the sheep. Just ride around the sheep’s and draw them into a group direction. You can shout by holding L2 and press Circle/B. You can also shoot in the air by pressing up D-pad to make them move faster. Try riding close to the sheep if they go too far they won’t return to the herd. Follow the mini-map to draw the sheep’s to the auction house.

Auction Deal

After all sheep’s reaches the auction yard the auctioneer will be suspicious about the sheep’s origins. He will start arguing with you and ask for 25% share down. You can negotiate the same to 18%. This completes the deal. After the deal go to the saloon to meet Dutch. You will see a different scene at the saloon, you will find Leviticus Cornwall shouting about getting robbed and he has John and Strauss as hostages. Dutch will try to negotiate.

The Firefight

Hold L2 gently to fill up the meter, go slow so that you can get max target. You will need to kill all the men outside. To earn a gold medal in this part you will need 25 headshots with around 70% accuracy. Also you cannot take halting items or you will lose the gold. Try using Dead Eye as much as possible mark the targets and shoot them. This will save your time and will help you to kill more than one enemy at a time. Clear the south region first, and then go for the north side. More and more enemies will appeal from the building you have to kill them.


Strauss will be shot and you will have to cover your friends. They will put Strauss in a wagon and push them, walk behind them and kill the enemies. They won’t be able to fight you have to guard them. Keep protecting the wagon. Shoot the men who are nearest.

All of you will be able to make far enough, carry Strauss and place him on the back of John’s horse. But before doing this do explore the region properly to find any leftover enemies. Dutch will tell you to kill the left enemies shoot them down. Mount your horse and escape from Valentine to complete the mission. The next main mission you can play is An American Pastoral Scene, for which you have to meet Micah near the camp outside Strawberry. This is the same town you rescued him from Jail in the mission Blessed are the Meek.

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