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Red Dead Redemption 2 Accolades Trailer

The King’s Son Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In Red Dead Redemption 2 The King’s Son Walkthrough, you will play a challenging mission of rescuing Eagle Files from US Army Fort. Read our The King’s Son Walkthrough guide for this main mission strategy and gold medal requirements.

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Dutch plans to threaten the Army and show them who the boss is in the previous mission Favored Sons, which took a terrible turn because of Dutch’s failed to sense the army’s strength. Dutch and Arthur managed to save their lives by jumping into a river, leaving Eagle Flies behind who is caught and tortured. In the next mission, The King’s Son Arthur and Charles will take a tough task to rescue Eagle Flies from US army. Don’t forget to carry some dynamites.

The King's Son Walkthrough

The King’s Son Walkthrough

The Gold Medal Checklist includes killing every blocking soldier with a headshot n your way to Fort Wallace, killing 15 enemies while escaping in a canoe and finishing everything with minimum 80% accuracy.

Speak to Rains Fall | The King’s Son

Visit Wapiti Indian Reserve, Charles will be thankful for Arthur’s visit and ask him to look the Chief. Rain Falls is worried about his son’s life, the army is going to try him for treason. Arthur tells Rains Fall he will bring him back. Arthur walks out, follow Charles and mount your horse.

Follow Charles | The King’s Son


Charles will update you about the Fort’s situation, he knows a route that can take you close and sneak from the back. He will warn you to use only knives and arrows. Keep your guns, you will need them later on. Charles will be unhappy with Dutch’s actions causing issues causing others to suffer. Arthur will talk about his worse health situation and tell Charles to escape in case things get rough, he has nothing much to lose. Soon you will cross the river and reach near the fort. Keep riding with Charles, until he stops and gets down.

Take Out The Guards | The King’s Son


In the cutscene, both tie their horses and wait for night. Quietly follow Charles towards the fort, he will take a path on the right of main entrance guarded by two guards. Follow Charles command to kill the two guards with arrows. Continue following him and he will spot a guard with light. You will continue to walk after he moves away. There are two more guards ahead, one is in the tower and another one on the ground. Target the guard in the tower and follow Charles to reach on the back side of the fort.

Infiltrate The Fort | The King’s Son

Charles and Arthur will climb up, a guard will be in your way you can either take Lead or Send Charles to handle it. Pick any one option and walk towards the tower. Charles will spot another guard, you can stealth kill this guard or tell Charles to do it. Two more guards are in your way, coordinate with Charles to kill them. Hide before entering into the tower, move only when Charles moves.


Kill the guard to clear the way and follow Charles to reach the cells. But there will be one problem more guards, to create a distraction Charles will tell you to by shooting the lantern in the tent to create first. Go to the tower and go up, kill the guard on the walkway and shoo the lantern for distracting guards.

Kill The Soldiers | The King’s Son

Don’t jump from the walkway, instead to the tower on left and climb down to join Charles. Continue following him, Charles will kill the guard loot him for keys and open the cell door to free Eagle Flies. He is tied and tortured, the siren outside will warn the guards about your presence. This will break a gunfight, draw out your weapon and start shooting.


Eagle Flies will be caught once again, you have to free him by killing the guards. Charles will point you towards the guards in the tower and around you. This fight will be long, you have to take down a lot of army men in-order to escape from the fort. Check the towers, walkways, etc. Eagle Flies will take you to a broken wall, but it is now fixed and the path is blocked. Use dynamite to break it, and mount your horse.

Escaping The Fort | The King’s Son


Protect Charles and Eagle Flies before you finally start running away. Follow Charles and kill the pursuers. The soldiers will be fast, look for the light and shoot them. It will be tough to kill them while riding the horse you can slow down a bit and take your shot. Charles will make the boats ready, your task is to kill all the remaining pursuers. Continue shooting till you get a call from Charles to get in the Canoe.

Get In The Canoe | The King’s Son


Charles will take Eagle Flies and you will have to follow him. Soldiers will attack you from the shore, you cannot move forward and shoot at the same time. Kill the soldiers and then start moving forward till you see a bridge. Shoot the guards on it to help Charles.

You will continue shooting the enemies on your way until all three reaches the shore safely. The mission ends here, Charles takes Eagle Flies to his father. The next main mission is The Last Boy, to begin this mission talk to Dutch at the camp.

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